Tinkerland Childcare Centre
Tinkerland Childcare Centre
Tinkerland Childcare Centre

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Tinkerland Childcare Centre

Unlocking Curiosity

Tinkerland was appointed as part of the CPOP Scheme by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA)

Location: 91 Jln Pari Burong, Singapore 488730

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About Tinkerland Childcare Centre

At Tinkerland, our children are active learners who strive to achieve success through their daily meaning experiences whether as individuals and in small / big groups. The active integrated curriculum and learning with and from the peers, teachers, parents, environment (indoor & outdoor) and community helps children become confident, competent and considerate little people.

At the same time, the bond amongst the children, teachers and parents plays a key role in the children's learning journey. We work closely with our parents and the community as they are our partners in this learning journey to make a difference in our children's development and learning experiences, leading to a programme that is fun and meaningful.

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Tinkerland Childcare Centre
Tinkerland Childcare Centre

Our Preschool Programme

    Following the framework of MOE, our curriculum fosters the holistic development of children through these six recommended learning areas:
  • Language & Literacy
  • Numeracy
  • Aesthetics and Creative Expressions
  • Motor Skills Development
  • Social & Emotional Development

Our school features an emergent curriculum with a strong emphasis on language and visual arts, mathematics and science. Our children’s work is based on carrying out short term and long term projects as well as structured learning for language arts.

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Tinkerland Childcare Centre


Using themes as an integrative approach enable children to make meaningful connections across all learning areas.

Our curriculum themes are divided into four main domains, providing a systematic approach for children to make sense of their learning and of their world:


Focusing on individual and getting to know oneself before learning to accept others and things around him/her.


Emerging from self to the exploration of the community he/she lives in.


Progressing from the community to discover the effects of society in how these play an essential role in developing the society.


A strong emphasis on values help bond the individual, community and society.

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Besides equipping children with the knowledge and skills, it is essential to nurture learning dispositions in children as they begin their journey as life-long learners.


Children are encouraged not to give up but to persevere through to complete given tasks despite the challenges.


Children get to think and reflect about what they have done, seen, heard or felt in their daily experiences, gaining new knowledge about themselves and of the things that they had learnt.


Children learn to listen, recognize, appreciate and respect the diversity of the personal qualities of others.


Children discover and explore various ideas and possibilities, experimenting with different ways of doing things and generating solutions to challenges.

Sense of Wonder and Curiosity

Nurturing the sense of wonder and curiosity allows children to engage in the world around them, prompting them to ask questions and finding answers through discovering and exploration.


Helping children stay engaged allows them to immerse in learning and enjoying what they do, thereby allowing them to seek new learning opportunities spontaneously.

Our Location

91 Jln Pari Burong, Singapore 488730

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