Raffles Kidz Open House @ Taman Jurong

 Raffles Kidz Open House,Taman Jurong
Date: Sept 22, 2018 (Sat)
Time: 10am - 3pm
Location: 1 Yuan Ching Road, #02-01, Singapore 618640
Exclusive Promotion: First 30 to register will receive exclusive discounts up to $400 per month for 1st year.
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Open House Invitation

Our 17,000 sq ft campus is officially open and you're invited! Check out our exciting facilities and learn more about our holistic bilingual curriculum that will give your little one a headstart in their learning journey.

About Raffles Kidz

RafflesKidz runs an integrated bilingual program based on monthly thematic and interactive themes.

We aim to provide every child a holistic, enriching and hands-on education that encompasses experiential learning on fieldtrips and group projects to complement our comprehensive classroom curriculum.

On their educational journey with us, your precious ones can expect to develop and enhance their creativity, cognitive, social and communication skills in a fun filled environment to prepare them for different stages of school life, starting from Pre-Nursery all the way to Kindergarten.

We also offer a comprehensive preparatory program to support our K2 students' progression into Primary school, making their transition a seamless and stress-free one!

Our teachers are truly passionate about what they do and are driven by the success and wellbeing of your children.

You will also be delighted with our value-added programs like StoryMath and Cookery on top of our core curriculum. Both are meant to cultivate self discipline, enhance their motor-coordination, literacy, logical reasoning and problem solving skills.

So, come see for yourself and meet with the rest of our RafflesKidz family at our Open House!

Raffles Kidz International
Raffles Kidz International
Raffles Kidz International

Our Fees

1st Year Fee after DiscountRegular Fee
ChildcareInfant CareChildcareInfant Care
SingaporeanWorking Mum$556$791$984$1519
Non-working Mum$706$1,241$1134$1,669


About Raffles Kidz

Bilingual Environment

We emphasize both English and Chinese teaching in our curriculum design. We customise the Chinese curriculum to be a critical and significant part of our daily programme.

About Raffles Kidz

Integrated Learning

We develop our proprietary curriculum by integrating “play”-based teacher-guided programme with children-initiated projects under developmentally appropriate learning themes.

About Raffles Kidz

Holistic Exposure

We promote holistic education by incorporating foundational skills for children’s development and “readiness” for primary school, with selective enrichment classes to stimulate their creativity. Social, cultural and moral education is also well designed in our programme to offer children a broad world view and nurture their character. Therefore, children can learn to develop their “mind” to think and their “spirit” to live.

About Raffles Kidz


We use proven evaluation and assessment methods to identify the children’s interests and strengths; track and measure their development progress; and compare their learning results against our benchmark expectation. In this way, parents can be well-informed about what their children have learned and the upcoming programme at our centre in a regular and timely manner.

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