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Discover How We Inspire Children
To Be Heroes With Strength of
Character, Confidence and Creativity

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Starbeam Framework

Our framework is founded on the belief that we inspire heroes through the power of stories. We harness the magic of stories to immerse every child in rich and exciting worlds where they tackle concepts and skills in multiple learning areas. Each featured story is thoughtfully curated from children's literature around the globe - opening a world of perspectives that will inspire children to become heroes of Character, Confidence and Creativity. Heroes of Heart and Mind.

Our Heroes of Heart and Mind

Star Learners Open House

Who persevere because they enjoy and love learning

Our activities are designed from children's literature which ignites their curiosity and fuels interest in learning. Through purposeful and thought-provoking activities, children will be encouraged to participate enthusiastically, thereby constructing knowledge and acquiring skills for life beyond school.

Star Learners Open House

Who courageously speak up while being respectful

Effective communication skills are important to build children's confidence, self-expression and social relationship development. In a literacy-rich environment, children will engage in a variety of responsive class activities that will spur them to ask complex questions and invite an exchange of opinions and ideas in a respectful manner.

Star Learners Open House

Who think critically and creatively, while being able to understand the feelings of others

At Star Learners, we guide children to build an emotional connection with the world around them. Our thoughtfully curated range of stories gives children the opportunity to understand, reflect and relate to the feelings of the characters in the book. The power of stories will give children the autonomy to make decisions and to take action to help however they can.

Star Learners Open House

Who engage with others to understand and learn from different perspectives

We support co-operative learning. The yearly Star Project provides an avenue for N2-K2 children to work towards a common goal. Children will have the capacity to collaborate and understand the value of working well with others. Productive collaboration also teachers children how to listen actively, negotiate, solve problems, and develop comradeship and communication skills.

Our Unique Literature-Based Approach

Star Learners is the first preschool in Singapore to integrate a literature-based approach with an activity-based approach. Our unique curriculum delves into the different story elements (such as the characters' points of view, the setting, the conflict presented) to activity engage a child's imagination while learning a combination of skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.

Benefits of our literature-based approach:

  • Sparks your child's imagination and stimuate curiosity
  • Vital for developing literacy and increases verbal proficiency
  • Improves visionary, creativity, and analytical skills
  • Primes your child for pre-literacy and sets building blocks for a lifelong love of learning
  • Helps children develop a sense of empathy to better understanding their own emotions and the emotions of others
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Why Parents Choose Star Learners?

  • Customer Testimonails

    I have received comments that my daughter, at the age of 4, is by far more developed and rounded in her speech and language articulation, when compared to her peers. Her ability to digest information and process thoughts is also better. I thank the teachers and guidance of the Principal at the centre, and would strongly recommend Star Learners @ Choa Chu Kang Sports to anyone and everyone I come across. I truly appreciate all of you.

    Roy A Mohan, parent of child in N1, CCK Sports
  • Customer Testimonails

    I appreciate how caring the teachers are. The previous preschool we enrolled our daughter in focused on academic performance with little effort put into getting to know her on a personal level. The teachers at Star Learners, however, were personable and placed emphasis on her character development. She enjoyed her time at Star Learners so much that she wishes to stay in K2 forever!

    Lim Hui Ying, parent of child in K2, Telok Kurau

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