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Open for 2019 & 2020 Enrolment

Promotion: Enjoy up to $1,200* Savings on School Fees!
Date: 25 May 2019 | 1 June 2019
Time: 10am – 1pm
Location: 36 Participating Centres Island-wide
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* Promotion is valid for new parents who sign up for our full-day child care programme registering no later than 31 July 2019.

Inspire Your Child to Be a Future-ready Hero with Confidence, Creativity & Character

Dear Parents,

Did you know that knowledge alone is not sufficient for your child to be successful in the 21st century? A holistic and well-rounded education is essential to achieve success in school and life.

With so many preschools out there, how can you choose the right one to guide and inspire your child to be their own hero every day?

Join us at our Open House and learn about how we help every child find their star within for success not just in Primary School, but the future and life.

Get the chance to tour our facilities and meet our dedicated educators who will partner you in your child’s development. Learn how we grow confident a

Star Learners’ Unique Two-Pronged Approach Designed to Bring Out The Best in Every Child

At Star Learners, we adopt a literature-based and activity-based approach to emphasise active learning, where our children play with purpose, while engaging their minds and bodies.

The literature-based approach delves into the different story elements (such as the characters’ points of view, the setting, the conflicts presented) to engage a child’s imagination while learning a combination of skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.

Star Learners Open House

We illuminate children’s minds by harnessing the magic of stories through our proprietary Starbeam framework. By immersing children in rich and exciting worlds, they tackle concepts and skills in multiple learning areas – opening a world of perspectives that inspire them to become heroes of Character, Confidence and Creativity. Heroes of Heart and Mind as big of heart as they are bright of mind.

We emphasis on raising our children to be:

  • Happy Learners who persevere because they enjoy and love learning.
  • Empathic Thinkers who think critically and creatively, while being able to understand the feelings of others.
  • Respectful, Confident Communicators who courageously speak up while being respectful.
  • Open Collaborators who engage with others to understand and learn from different perspectives.
  • Because to us, discovering the hero that resides within every child is the greatest quest of them all.

Our Programmes

Through our own proprietary programmes as well as our partners’, we equip your child with the traditional literacies of reading, writing and numeracy, as well as creative, emotional and social life skills.

Star Learners Open House

All our planned activities are specially designed to nurture and inspire our little heroes. This approach develops our Star Learners in all aspects and prepares them for a successful transition to Primary School and beyond.

The Exciting Line-Up For Your Child at Our Open House

Star Learners Open House

Activity 1: Make “big” and “small” dot patterns

As the children engage in sorting and creating patterns with the playdough dots, they begin to develop visual skills and dexterity by making associations to the illustrations in the picture book. The book therefore lends a platform in using the terms “big” and “small” meaningfully in authentic contexts.

Star Learners Open House

Activity 2: Go on line adventures with dots

In making relation to dots and lines as presented in the book, the children are invited to explore dots and lines through body movements. They are given the opportunity to express play ideas using dots (balls) and lines (paths created) – blowing a ping pong ball along a straight line, rolling a soft ball across a zigzag line. How many ways can you play with dots and lines?

Star Learners Open House

Activity 3: Make “Press Here” cards with dots

The children are offered the space to transfer their understanding of the concepts explored in the book through this activity; whereby they now create a product that uses the same elements. They begin to express ideas and formulate their thoughts through linking different approaches and use of varied materials given.

Star Learners Open House

Activity 4: Bring home your own pompom portrait

Children can stick pompoms in specific pattern or in a random order, whatever they like best! Working with art materials help improve your child’s fine motor skills and hand-eye coordination.

Enjoy the process of making art and get creative!

Star Learners Open House


  • Centre tour by our principals
  • Find out more about our unique literature-based curriculum, fees and daily routine
  • Meet and speak to our dedicated principals and teachers
  • Experience how we inspire heroes at Star Learners

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* Promotion is valid for new parents who sign up for our full-day child care programme registering no later than 31 July 2019.

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Vacancies for 2019 may be limited at certain centres.

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