Fertility Monitoring: Basal body temperature and how to make use of it

 How to use basal body temperature to get pregnant fast

Female will only ovulate once in a month in which an egg is released. If you want to have a child, it will be good if you know when you or your partner will ovulate so that you can time the sex according. Monitoring or charting basal body temperature is the simplest and easiest way to predict roughly when the female will ovulate.

How basal body temperature works:

One day or two days after the female ovulates, female's body temperature will increase by about 0.5 degree celcius which will last until the next period. By charting the basal body temperature for a few months, one may get to know roughly when she or his partner will ovulate.

Use a thermometer with a very high accuracy

Fluctuation in the basal body temperature is not large, it is therefore important for you to have a thermometer with a very high accuracy. You probably can get one at the pharmacies or some personal stores.

Take the reading before getting out of bed

Basal body temperature is the lowest body temperature in a 24-hour period in a day. You should take it immediately after you wake up and before getting out of the bed. This is to ensure accuracy in the reading. Any activity includes walking you performed will affect the reading.

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