Fertility: Friendly Food for Woman 1

 Oyster is good for fertility in men and women and can help to increase chance of conception

Oysters: The oyster is rich in zinc which is one of most important fertility nutrients. It boosts the egg production and the quality of the egg. Zinc deficiency can disrupt the menstrual cycle and slow the production of good-quality egg.

Almond and Walnuts: These raw nuts are rich in healthy oil, zinc, selenium and vitamin E that can increase sperm and egg quality.

Whole grain: Wholegrain such as oats, brown rice and whole wheat are complex carbohydrates that contain an abundance of vitamins B and E that are essential for cellular reproduction, hormonal balance and production of healthy egg.

Yams: Wild yams are said to be a fertility superfood that have also been linked with multiple births. Yams are thought to contain chemicals that stimulate hyperovulation, increasing your chance of conception.

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