Some types of infertility treatment for men

 Treatment for infertility in men

Types of treatment depend on the causes that keep women from getting pregnant. Sometime, the causes are not unknown even to the 'branded' doctor in the field.

1. Low sperm count and poor sperm quality

If it is your lifestyle such as excessive alcohol consumption, smoking, or job-related that cause this, your sperm count or sperm quality will probably improve when you change your lifestyle or change your work post. but this may take some time before you can see any improvement.

If it is not lifestyle-related or work-related, your doctor may recommend insemination in which sperms are collected and concentrated to increase the number of healthy sperms.

2. Retrograde ejaculation

Insemination will be recommended for this cause.

3. Hormone imblance

This can be improved by taking medicine or have a surgery.

4. Obstruction in sperm transport

A surgey is performed to correct the it.

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