Read an useful article on pregnancy and get rewarded

Reading Reward Programme

1.Through reading, we wish parents and parents-to-be will gain insights on pregnancy and parenting to make pregnancy and parenting journey a smooth one.

2.We also aim to cultivate a habit of reading in users who participate in this programme.

Rules on point rewarding system

  1. Two points will be awarded when you read one article. No points will be awarded for the second article read on the same day.

    Only articles under the following categories will be counted: conceiving, pregnancy, infant, children, baby food, and is it safe to eat

  2. One point will be awarded whenever you log in to Babyment for two consecutive days. If you log in to the system for 7 consecutive days, you will be rewarded 6 points.
  3. Two points will be rewarded when you share articles you read on your Facebook’s timeline. Maximum two points will be awarded each day for this category. Only sharing on your Facebook’s timeline will get you the points. Sharing on Facebook groups will not get you any points.

    To get the points from sharing the article, you will need to set the shared post as public (by clicking on the “friends” button at the bottom-right corner to change the sharing settings before you share the post), and send us the link of the shared post on your timeline through Facebook messenger (You can choose to accumulate a few posts and send them to us all at once).

    New Facebook accounts (Facebook accounts registered in the year 2019) cannot get the points from sharing the article.

Terms and conditions

  • This Programme is only open to users residing in Singapore.
  • Our website uses cookies to personalise your reading experience with us.
  • Parents of 0-6 months old babies are not allowed to redeem any formula milk.
  • Breast milk is the best food for your baby. Before you decide to redeem for any formula milk, consult your doctor or healthcare practitioner for advice.
  • Babyment and sponsors of this programme fully recognizes breast milk’s primacy, value and superiority, and supports exclusive breastfeeding for babies’ first six months as recommended by the WHO.
  • The content on this website is intended as general information, and should not be used as a substitute for medical care and advice from your healthcare practitioner.
  • When you redeem a product, we may share your personal information with the sponsors of the product for accountability. We will not share your personal information with other sponsors or any other third party. Please read our Privacy Statement to understand how we use your information.
  • By participating in this programme, you agree with the above terms and conditions.

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Some of The Rewards

Aptamil Stage 2

Aptamil Stage 2*

NTUC Voucher

NTUC Voucher

Tian Wei Confinement Meal

Tian Wei Cash Voucher

PNSG Postnatal and Prenatal Massage

PNSG Cash Voucher

Baby Bed Rail

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BMB Cash Voucher

Aptamil Stage 2

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

1. I have only started using Facebook recently, why am I not allowed to use my newly created Facebook account to join this programme?

Answer: This is to ensure the authenticity of the account that participates in our programme.

2.When is this programme until?

Answer: The programme will last from 27th July 2019 to 27th Oct 2019. The last day for you to accumulate points is 27th Oct 2019.

3. Will I be allowed to redeem more than 1 of the same prizes if I accumulate enough points?

Answer: For formula milk, one user is only allowed to redeem one tin only. For other products, you are allowed to redeem more than 1 item of the same prize as long as you have enough points.

4. Are the points I accumulate transferable?

Answer: No.