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Child care fees assistance



You need to meet the following conditions in order to be qualified:

1. Both parents of the child are working.

2. Total monthly family income is $3500 or less or monthly household income per capita is $875 or less.

3. Your child is below 7 years old. Your child is a Singapore Citizen or your child is a permanent resident and at least one of the immediate family members in the same household must be a Singapore Citizen.

Amount of subsidy

Gross Monthly House Income Gross Monthly Income Per Capita Maximum Monthly Subsidy for Full-day care Maximum monthly subsidy for half-day care
$2500 or less $625 or less $440 $220
$2501 - $3000 $626 - $750 $400 $200
$3001 - $3500 $751 - $870 $370 $185
$3501 - $4000 $876 - $1000 $310 $155
$4001 - $4500 $1001 - $1125 $220 $110
$4501 - $7500 $1126 - $1875 $100 $50
Above $7500 Above $1875 $0 $0

Example of Computation

The combined gross monthly household income of Mrs A and her husband is $6,400. The full day child care fee of their son is $749 (inclusive of GST). Mrs A is working full time.

The total amount of subsidy is as followed:

Basic subsidy : $300

Additional Subsidy : $100

The net fee after subsidy she is required to pay is ($749-$400) = $349.


Get the application form at the registered child care center and apply for the assistance at the same center.

Following documents are required:

1. Copy of your child's Birth Certificate

2. Copy of both parents' updated NRIC.

3. If the child is cared for by a guardian, please provide a copy of the proof of guardianship and the guardian's NRIC.

4. Latest copy of both parents' pay slips or a letter from employers stating both parents' monthly income and work hours.

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