Photo of Maid,New Maid,Transfer Maid,Ex-Singapore Maid that is available for hire with maid's personal particular like age,nationality,maid skill,lanauge ability and working experience are providedAgency: SunShine Employment Services Pte Ltd
Reference Number: SFE-3141
Type of Maid:Transfer
Nationality: Indonesian
Date of Birth:27 09 1981
Height: 152 cm
Weight: 54 kg
Marital Status: Married
No of Children: 3 (age 14,9 AND 15 MTHS)
Present Salary: 0
Expected Salary: 0
Education: High School (10~12 yrs)
Language SpokenMaid Skills
English Yes Care For Newborn
Malay Yes Care For Infant Yes
Bahasa Indonesia Yes Care For Children Yes
MandarineCare For Elderly
HindiCare For Disabled
TelunguGeneral Housework Yes
Working Experience
Singapore 7 yr 1 mo
Maid's Other Details
09/04/2003 to 21/05/2003

She worked there for a month only as it was her first time and
can't speak english well. She cooked for them, child care and
houseworks such as cleaning, laundry and marketing.

21/05/2003 to 09/11/2006 ,21/05/2009 to 13/05/2011
,17/02/2013 to 13/03/2014, 23/09/2015 till.

She worked here for about 7 years . employer let her go back for
leave and she come back to same employer for work. There are 5
adults and a child. Her main duties are cleaning , cooking,
marketing and laundry.As employer no longer need a maid, they let
her transfer .

Feel free to call for more information to
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