Advertise with Babyment®

Advertise with Babyment

Babyment® Statistics and Marketing Channels

Monthly unique visitors: 141,891

Notification/Newsletter Subscribers: 51,235

Facebook Fans: 60,361

2018 SG Mummies Members: 7,322

2019 SG Mummies Members: 2,691

2020 SG Mummies Members: 7,227

Childcare in Singapore Members: 33,673

WhatsApp Groups For Childcare: 7,838

WhatsApp Groups For 2019/20 SG Mummies: 3,165

Advertising Solutions

Babyment offers the following advertising solutions:

(a) Lead generation.

(b) Banner on website.

(c) Merchant Membership For Facebook/WhatsApp Group

(d) Branded Content Article/Post (Advertorial).

(e) Listing business in our directories.

(f) Listing event/open house on our website.

(g) Sponsored post on social media.

(h) EDM marketing.

(i) Notification pushing.

(j) We are always open to new ideas.

Your success is our pride.

Please email us at or click contact us to find out more about advertising solutions.

Demographics of Users


Age distribution of Babyment Users


Gender distribution of Babyment Users


Education distribution of Babyment Users

Annual Income

Annual Income distribution of Babyment Users

Number of Children

Number of children that Babyment users have

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