Daily Baby Care


How to Prepare Formula For Bottle Feeding at Home

How to prepare formula for bottle feeding at home: safe way to prepare formula milk for your little ones at home.

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Baby up and about safely

Baby up and about safely:Find out how you can keep your 0-6 month old baby safe at home and on the move.

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Common infant problems and conditions

Common infant problems and conditions:Babies may feel unwell sometimes. Knowing the different baby problems and conditions will help you ease your baby’s discomfort.

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Diaper Price Change in Last Four Years

Diaper Price change in Singapore: monitor price change for major diaper brand Drypers, Mamypoko, Huggies, Merries, Pampers, Goo.n, Moony and other brands of baby diaper in Singapore

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Open strollers are allowed on bus

Open strollers on public bus: Guidelines on open strollers on public buses, dimension of strollers allowed on bus, boarding and alighting procedures and placement of strollers on bus.

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Price of baby milk powder in Singapore has gone up by nearly 40%

Price of formula milk in Singapore: Price of baby milk powder has gone up between 20.7% to 39.3% over the last 4 years and 3 months. Cost of formula milk in Singapore is also much more than those in countries like Malaysia and China.

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