Price of baby milk powder in Singapore has gone up by nearly 40%

Price of formula milk in Singapore: Price of baby milk powder has gone up between 20.7% to 39.3% over the last 4 years and 3 months. Cost of formula milk in Singapore is also much more than those in countries like Malaysia and China.

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Best Baby Milk Powder:Buying Guide

Best baby milk powder: select best baby milk powder by evaluating main composition such as cow's milk, goat's milk or soy milk, cost of milk per 100, nutrition added to the baby milk powder as well as based on baby's condition such as milk allergy or milk intolerance.

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Cheap Baby Milk Powder Singapore

Cheap Baby Milk Powder Singapore:breast milk can help family save 2000 dollars a year and offer many health benefits to both mothers and babies. Baby milk powder price comparison is included. Buying baby milk powder from Malaysia, online, supermarket or baby fair is compared to help readers to save.

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Singapore Child Care Monthly Fee

Singapore Child Care Monthly Fee: Singapore child care monthly fee varies from $380 to $2338. Average child care monthly fee is $974 and median is 809. Nationality, type of service, age of child can affect the monthly child care fee in Singapore

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Eczema in Singapore: types of eczema, cause of eczema and genetic factors and environmental factors that trigger eczema. symptoms of eczema like rough skin, itchiness, treatment of eczema like moisturizing and bathing in Singapore and how to prevent eczema in Singapore

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Diarrhea in Babies

Diarrhea in Babies: diarrhea in babies are usually caused by virus infection, bacteria, milk allergy or parasites. Symptoms of diarrhea include frequent bowel movement and watery stool. Most cases of diarrhea do not require any medical treatment. Parents just need to make sure their children have sufficient water.

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