Breastfeeding benefits,breastfeeding position,breastfeeding problem and solution


Breastfeeding:breastfeeding benefits for mothers and babies. Breastfeeding position and techinique to make it a successful. Breastfeeding problem and solution. How to increase breast milk supply. Food to avoid or to take during breastfeeding.

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Daily baby care which include free sample of milk and diaper, dhow to prevent illness as well as schedule for immunisation.

Baby Daily Care

Baby daily care: How to take good care of baby in daily activity: bowel movement and urination, vaccination, free sample of milk, free sample of diaper, toys safety, immunisation.

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Month to month development of baby

Newborn Development

Milestone of newborn development: Physical appearance and growth, Speech and Language Development, Vision, movement and motor skill, Emotional and social development.

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supplementary food for 4 months to 6 months, 7 months to 9 months and 10 months to 1 year old.

Supplementary Food

Supplementary food: supplementary food recipe for baby up to 1 year old. Details of recipe and health benefit of each food.

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Pediatrician in Singapore with details such as qualification,years of experience and review

Pediatricians in Singapore

Pediatricians in Singapore: Details of pediatrician in Singapore: years of experience,contact address,qualification,clinic,contact number as well as review.

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details of baby bonus such as cash gift, child development account,parent tax rebate,use of child development account

Baby Bonus

Baby bonus: details of baby bonus such as amount of cash gift, child development account, use of child development account, parent tax rebate and infant care subsidy.

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Steps to hire new maid or transfer maid; cost of maid; renew work permit or passport of maid as well as managing maid.

All About Hiring Maid

Maids in Singapore: detailed procedure to hire new maid, transfer maid. Cost of maid in Singapore. How to renew work pass or passport of maid of different nationalities, questions to interview maid and how to manage maid.

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Newborn may have some unusual appearance such as jaundice,mini period,cradle cap,puffy head

Is this normal for newborn?

Unusual appearance in newborn: some are normal and may disappear over time. Some may need medical attention. The unusual appearance include jaundice, cradle cap, puffy head, mini period in girl, mantis mouth, bowled leg, milia and enlarged breast.

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Common illness among newborn or baby

Common Illness

Common illness in newborn or baby: this includes constipation, thrush infection, hand and foot jitter, fever and hydrocele.

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confinement care: guideline on confinement care

Confinement Care

Confinement care: myths of confinement and truth; what food to avoid and what food to take during confinement? General guideline on confinement and how to prevent depression.

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newborn nutrient

Nutrient For Newborn

Nutrient for newborn or baby: suitable supplementary food for baby at different ages. Food to avoid and food to take.

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