Top Preschools in Singapore

 Top Preschools in Singapore

Every month, thousands of parents in Singapore search for preschools, ask for reviews of preschools on platforms like Babyment's child care directory, Facebook group Childcare in Singapore. Selecting the right child care centre is not an easy task, parents have to mull over many factors such as child care centre's monthly fee, location, curriculum, teacher to student ratio, credentials, and reputation.

To aid parents in making an informed decision, we peruse all reviews shared by parents, scrutinize our data about every preschool in Singapore to put together this guide. Here's our curated list of Top Preschools in Singapore.

Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods

Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods, nestled in the serene park, aims to creates a difference with Futuristic Education that adheres to a holistic approach of Early Childhood Care & Education where we provide an environment that stimulates innovation and creativity for children to develop into the thinkers, leaders and change-makers of tomorrow.

    Our Programme Philosophy are as follows:
  • A Child is an Authentic Social Being with Dignity, Respect and Worth.
  • Children learn best through Play and Exploration.
  • Natural Environment is their best playscape that sparks joy and a sense of wonder, vital for children to embrace explorative learning in the great outdoors.

We also provide Japanese programme, fully delivered by native Japanese teachers to serve the Japanese community in the West Coast area.

Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods
Top Preschools in Singapore
Top Preschool in Singapore - Chatsworth Preschool @ Clementi Woods

Cambridge Pre-school

At Cambridge Pre-school, we recognise the need to envisage the future world that your child will live and work in. We would not know what specific skills would be needed for future jobs that do not exist in this day and age, but we can prepare your child by equipping him/her with uniquely human skills that are not easily replaceable by robots, such as the ability to innovate, problem-solve and think creatively and critically. Our award-winning curriculum exposes your child to iSTEAM (Innovation, Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Mathematics) and has been designed to develop these essential future skills in fun and age-appropriate ways to prepare him/her for future success. iSTEAM embraces the philosophy of "thinking with hands" and consists of hands-on inquiry and open-ended exploration of interesting topics which will prepare your child for the future.

RAFFLES KIDZ International

Established in 2014, Raffles Kidz International is a multi-award-winning preschool brand in Singapore that believes in nurturing the whole child through a holistic and inquiry-based bilingual curriculum. To provide the best preschool experience, their centres are purposefully designed with ample learning spaces such as social pods, indoor and outdoor playgrounds, and more.

Offering quality infant and childcare services, their pedagogy has four pillars that emphasize academic foundation, critical thinking, knowledge acquisition and problem-solving skills, to give children the best head start in life. With rave reviews on public platforms such as Google and Facebook, as well as a plethora of awards since its inception, it comes as no surprise that there is a long waitlist for enrolment.

Check out the various centres at today!

Raffles Kidz Preschool
Top Preschools in Singapore
Top Preschool in Singapore - Raffles Kidz Preschool

First Steps Preschool

First Steps Preschool is a leading Innovation-Focused school. It was conceptualized on the belief that children must be encouraged to discover new knowledge, rather than memorize information from books and school.

As Singapore's leading Pikler-RIE influenced school with an innovation-focused curriculum, our curriculum is strongly influenced by world-renowned child therapist, Magda Gerber from RIETMUSA and the insightful research of Hungarian paediatrician Dr Emmi Pikler from Pikler-Lóczy.

My First Skool

Happy children are better learners and at NTUC First Campus' My First Skool, teachers build meaningful relationships so that every child is happily engaged in the quality and holistic curriculum offered.

Lessons come to life as everyday activities are recreated within and outside their learning environments. Through fun and practical real-life applications at every turn, your child discovers a world of joy and confidence at his fingertips.

Enrol your child at the #1 sought-after pre-school in Singapore, NTUC First Campus' My First Skool! Providing a Quality & Holistic Curriculum at affordable fees at over 145 centres islandwide, NTUC First Campus' My First Skool helps to ensure your child gets the head start they need in life.

My First Skool
Top Preschools in Singapore
Top Preschool in Singapore - My First Skool

Sunflower Childcare

Sunflower Childcare Group was founded by a group of like-minded mothers who want the best for their children because they believe in the potential of every child. To this day, we continue to uphold this principle and our founders are actively involved in the operations of 37 preschools Islandwide, evaluating our programmes and adjusting our approach to help every child find their place under the Sun. At Sunflower Childcare Group, we understand the importance of maximising your child's potential for learning. Our Multiple Intelligences programme offers eight distinctive strategies to enhance cognitive growth in place of the conventional idea of judging intellect based on IQ. This method encourages your child's innate creativity and curiosity while also enhancing their capacity for innovation.

Sunflower Childcare
Sunflower Childcare
Top Preschool in Singapore - Sunflower Childcare

Star Learners Child Care

With 20 years of experience in the child care space, you can count on Star Learners to support your child's early years. Their unique literature-based curriculum immerses every child in rich and exciting worlds, and opens up a world of opportunities for them to tackle concepts in multiple learning areas. Through its integration with a robust activity-based approach, children learn a multitude of essential skills such as problem-solving, creative and critical thinking, and communication.

Under the ECDA partner operator (POP) scheme, Star Learners is the largest appointed partner and is committed to accessibility, affordability and quality. This preschool prides itself on developing a generation of young children with strength of Character, Confidence and Creativity.

Find out more about Star Learners when you schedule a personalised tour at any of their 43 centres islandwide.

Contact:6250 0173
Facebook:Star Learners
Star Learners - Top Preschool in Singapore

Moriah Schoolhouse

Moriah Schoolhouse believes in nurturing a holistic child and developing in them a passion for life-long learning by providing an enjoyable environment and interactive programmes based on a strong emphasis on values.

We want to nurture a thinking and confident child with the desire to explore and discover the world, setting the stage for further learning.

The last term of each year is dedicated to Project Work where children are engaged in inquiry-based learning which provides endless possibilities and opportunities for children to acquire skills such as problem-solving, decision making, observation, analytical, leadership and communication skills to name a few.

Besides equipping children with the knowledge and skills, it is essential to nurture learning dispositions in children as they begin their journey as life-long learners and ready to transit to a new milestone in life, entering Primary School.

Come visit our thoughtfully designed space for our young learners!

Moriah Schoolhouse
Top Preschools in Singapore
Top Preschool in Singapore - Moriah Schoolhouse

Columbia Preschool

Columbia Preschool is known to provide excellent language and literacy-rich curriculum for more than two decades. Our expertise in early language development and education enables us to utilize traditional (phonics and whole language approaches) as well as current researched methods (multi-modal new literacies) in teaching English language to our students. The teachers are constantly being trained and are in the forefront of current research and studies pertaining to language development. This enables them to effectively deliver innovative ways of teaching young children language skills. In addition to our language and literacy-focused thematic curriculum, our teachers engage with our students' views and interests and will intentionally set up age-appropriate language/literacy-rich environments and learning centres (e.g. puppetry theatres and dramatic play centres) in the classrooms where children are active language learners in a language-conducive play environment. Hence, with intentional and well-trained teachers and a conducive language and literacy environment, our students are able to effortlessly learn and achieve desired language competencies through our innovative, creative and researched-based language pedagogy.

Columbia Preschool
Top Preschool in Singapore - Columbia Preschool
Columbia Preschool

Global Tots Preschool

At Global Tots Preschool, our mission is to Maximise Every Child's Potential and ensures that our professional educators work closely with parents to ensure your child's VITAL preschool years are filled with FUN in a SAFE and NURTURING environment, for an overall HOLISTIC development of your child. We create a second home environment for the little ones so that every child's learning takes place in a warm and comforting setting.

We seek to recognise and nurture individual child's strengths and discover each child's potential and talents. Our inquiry-based approach provides various opportunities for every child to be an independent and confident learner with a keen interest in making discoveries.

Global Tots Preschool
Top Preschool in Singapore - Global Tots Preschool
Global Tots Preschool

Superland Pre-school

Superland Pre-School is an island-wide network of twelve convenient campuses serving children ages, from two months to six years old in full and half-day programs.

Established almost 25 years ago, we proudly provide an integrated Montessori-based curriculum for our children. Our approach, teaches practical life skills, written/ verbal language development and numeracy along with physical movement, art and music.

Superland teaches in English and Mandarin with a variety of options for third language education such as Japanese, Korean or French. Cultural diversity extends beyond languages and is a celebrated cornerstone of our learning community.

At Superland, we believe that children learn best in fun-filled surroundings. All of our campuses offer a nurturing environment where children feel happy and eager to learn.

Superland Pre-school
Top Preschool in Singapore
Top Preschool in Singapore - Superland Pre-school

ChildFirst Pre-school

Future-proof your child through our award-winning iUnique Curriculum in a Trilingual Environment. ChildFirst Pre-school's iUnique Curriculum equips your child with the knowledge of artificial intelligence (AI) for the digital future world, develops your child's uniquely human intelligence (HI) that are not easily replaceable by robots, and cultivates your child's unique talents through our multiple intelligences (MI) curriculum to stand out from the crowd. Featured on CNN International, Channel News Asia and Channel 8, we are the first trilingual pre-school to provide immersion in the three most important languages in the future, English (half-day daily), Chinese (half-day daily) and Coding (the language for AI and robots).

Chatsworth Preschool @ Piccadilly

Chatsworth Preschool takes pride in providing a caring and optimum environment that is play-rich and safe for your child to explore where their minds take them. Through project works, foundation skills, creative curriculum, Chinese story-based inquiry and play, children are engaged in a holistic and progressive approach throughout their preschool years.

As an advocator of empowering children to take charge of their own learning, we take pride in providing opportunities for discovery which are objectively planned and those that are spontaneously initiated by children.

Currently, Chatsworth Preschool @ Piccadilly is a Partner Operator of ECDA.

Chatsworth Preschool @ Piccadilly
Top Preschool in Singapore - Chatsworth Preschool @ Piccadilly
Chatsworth Preschool @ Piccadilly

Tinkerland Childcare Centre

At Tinkerland, our children are active learners who strive to achieve success through their daily meaning experiences whether as individuals and in small / big groups. The active integrated curriculum and learning with and from the peers, teachers, parents, environment (indoor & outdoor) and community helps children become confident, competent and considerate little people.

At the same time, the bond amongst the children, teachers and parents plays a key role in the children's learning journey. We work closely with our parents and the community as they are our partners in this learning journey to make a difference in our children's development and learning experiences, leading to a programme that is fun and meaningful.

Currently, Tinkerland @ Pari Burong is a Partner Operator of ECDA.

Tinkerland Child Care
Top Preschools in Singapore
Top Preschool in Singapore - Tinkerland Child Care

SDM Childcare Centre

At SDM, we use an Integrated Thematic Approach where the children will explore and discover on various themes where the children will be doing in depth discovery about every theme and will be nurtured holistically in the following six learning areas, in line with Nurturing Early Learners (NEL) curriculum framework by the Ministry of Education (MOE) for the 4 to 6 year olds and Early Years Development Framework (EYDF) by Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) for the 0 to 3 year olds.

SDM Curriculum is designed to nurture children holistically throughout their preschool years. As such, children are confident, can interact well with others and have foundational literacy and numeracy skills and be Ready for School!

Currently, SDM Childcare & Infant Care Centres has 4 locations, out of which all except Bartley branch, are Partner Operators of ECDA.

SDM Childcare Centre
Top Preschool in Singapore - SDM Childcare Centre
SDM Childcare Centre

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