About Babyment

About Babyment

Based in Singapore, Babyment.com is a one-stop portal for parents and parents-to-be for information relating to baby care and mother care. It is hoped that through this parenting portal, parents and parents-to-be will be able to save time and money on their parenthood journey. Started in 2012, today Babyment.com has became one of the top parenting portals in Singapore with more than 370,000 pageviews monthly and is still growing at a fast pace.

Babyment has the following major categories:

Conceive: It provides information and knowledge that hopes to help couples who are trying to have baby.

Pregnancy: This provides solution to some of the common pregnancy problems faced by the expecting mother as well as information and knowledge about mother care during pregnancy.

0-1 Year: It provides information and knowledge about daily care of the new born and solution to some of the problem that may occur to the new born. It also shares information about baby bonus.

1-3 Year: It provides information and knowledge about daily care of the baby that is 1 to 3 years old and how to educate and bring up the child in an appropriate way.

Maids: Latest maids available from more than 30 maid agencies in Singapore. Information on cost and procedure of hiring maid is also provided.

Promotion: A platform for enterprises or users to list the latest promotion on baby and mother care products or services.

Baby Name: More than 5000 baby names with meaning and origin and categories.

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