About Babyment®

Babyment.com was started in 2012 with a single mission – to help parents and parents-to-be prepare for their pregnancy and parenting journey. We hope that through our portal, parents and parents-to-be can not only learn tips and tricks on mother care and baby care, but also save time and money on their parenthood journey.

Fast forward to today, we have become one of the top parenting portals in Singapore with more than 450,000 page views every month, and we continue to grow at a fast pace.

Babyment strives to bring together communities of mummies and daddies to support one another on their parenting journey. Our Facebook page, “Babyment”, has more than 52,000 followers. We have also established Facebook groups for different communities of parents in Singapore.

These Facebook groups include:

  • Childcare in Singapore (21,166 members)
  • 2018 SG Mummies (6,133 members)
  • 2017 SG Mummies (4,099 members)
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