Factors that affect speech development of your child

 Speech development in children

Some children will be able to speak earlier, some children will need a longer time to learn how to speak. In some cases, there are children who are able to speak some simple words even before they turn 13 months old. Some children need some extra time and is only able to make very simple conversation with adult by the time they reach 24 months old.

Genetic Influence

Some parents took extra time to learn how to speak when they were children. Influenced by the genetics factor, their children may also develop the speech skill lately. If this is the factor affecting your child's speech development, parents do not need to worry.

Home Environment

Home environment is an important factor that affects the speech development of the children. Some parents are introverts and are very quiet at home. They seldom take the initiative to communicate with their children. Due to the lack of study models and persons to talk to, children will definitely have a slower development in speech.

Correct methods that can be used by parents

1. Praise or reward your child

When your children take the initiative to talk to you, parents should reward them, regardless of the correctness of their speech. This can stimulate the enthusiasm of your children to speak and also help them to gain confidence.

2. Relate it to daily life

Whenever you teach your child a new word, you should try to relate it to a daily item or a daily situation so that your child can have a stronger impression of the new word and it will be easy for him or her to remember and understand.

3. Be patient

Parents should avoid repeatedly correcting their child's mistake. This will hurt the child's confidence and his or her enthusiasm to learn more. Be patient and try to pronounce slowly so that it is easy for your child to emulate.

Nutrient and disease

Sufficient nutrient is an important support for the child's speech development. If the child suffers from malnutrition, his or her speech development will be impaired.

Some diseases, especially the ones that impact the brain, can have a negative impact on the speech development.

If your child cannot speak by the age of 18 months, it is suggested that parents take their child to hospital to do a complete check.

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