Hiring Maid Singapore: What are the steps involved?

 Procedure in hiring a maid in Singapore

Last Update: September 13, 2017

1. Hiring Maid-Select a maid agency to help you

2. Hiring Maid-Search and select your desired maid

3. Hiring Maid-Employer attends the Employers Orientation Program

4. Hiring Maid-Apply work permit for the selected maid

5. Hiring Maid-Documentation and collecting maid

6. Hiring Maid-Common Questions about the procedure

The following steps are applicable to employer who engages a maid or employment agency to do the paper work and the selected maid is still in her home country. Steps may be slightly different for those maids who are already in Singapore.

1. Hiring Maid - Select a right agency to help you

You can find licensed maid agencies with basic information through the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) website at http://mom.gov.sg/eadirectory/Pages/search.aspx This MOM website also provides important information that relates to the service standard of the employment agencies.

The MOM website will provide some data about the maid agency such as the number of years of establishment, placement volume, transfer rate and retention rate.

2. Hiring Maid - Search and select your desired maid

For some agencies, you can have a webcam interview or telephone interview of your desired foreign domestic worker even they are not in Singapore. You need to make an appointment with your maid or employment agency.

Do raise your expectation during your interview with the selected maid. If you need the maid to look after your baby, you need to ask the selected maid about whether she can handle the baby or not.

3. Hiring Maid - Employer attends the Employers Orientation Program

This is a 4 hour program designed to help the employer of the foreign domestic worker who hires the foreign domestic worker for the first time.

4. Hiring Maid - Apply work permit for the selected maid

This can be done online or your maid agency will do it for you. At the same time, you need to purchase the personal accident insurance for your maid and get the security bond. You can get all these done through an insurer like NTUC income. Some maid agencies will process all these on your behalf or it is covered in their service packages.

5. Hiring Maid - Documentation, collect the maid at the airport and bring the maid for a medical checkup

This usually is done by the employment agency.

Within 3 days after arrival in Singapore, the maid has to attend a compulsory safety awareness course and also pass the MOM-stipulated test.

Documentation work with MOM has to be done within 14 day of arrival. Thumb printing and photo taking must be done at MOM within 7 days after the document submission for work permit card processing. If everything goes smoothly, maid can collect her work permit card after 4 or 5 days.

Again, many employment agencies will do all these works for you in this step. So do remember to check with the employment agency that you engage.

Hiring Maid - Common Questions about the procedure

Questions 1. How long does the whole procedure take?

Answer: It usually takes about 4 to 6 weeks. If the maid has already had passport, the processing time will be about 10 days.


Question 2: What are the countries can I employ maid from?

Answer: You can only employ maid from the MOM approved sources of countries. These countries include Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, Thailand, Myanmar, Sri Lanka, India and Bangladesh.


Question 3: What is the minimum sum insured for personal accident insurance ?

Answer: Employers need to purchase personal accident insurance coverage for the maid and the minimum sum insured is $40,000.


Question 4: Do I really have to pay $5,000 if I fail to repatriate the maid?

Answer: Yes. But if you have bought the security bond protector or insurance, you only need to pay $250 and the insurer will pay the remaining $4750. Please check with your insurer for detailed information.

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