Infant care subsidy

 Infant care subsidy in Singapore


Infants who are Singapore citizen are eligible for subsidy when attend registered infant/child care service centers.

Amount of subsidy

Amount of subsidy will be different for working and non-working mothers. Self-employed mothers are considered as working mothers. Mothers need to work at least 56 hours per month in order to be qualified as working mother.

Service Type Monthly subsidy for working Mother Subsidy for Non-working mother
Full-day care $600 $150
Half-day care $300 $150
Other Flexible Programs
More than 48 hours weekly $600 $150
Between 36 to 48 hours weekly $440 $150
Between 24 to 36 hours weekly $330 $110
Between 12 to 24 hours weekly $220 $55


Applications for infant care subsidy must be made by the infant/child care centre on your behalf.

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