No Need to worry if your child is left hander

 Left-handed children

Left-hander, refers to person who uses left hand to write, eat or work. According to some statistics, about 10% of the total population is left-handed. Many parents worry that this habit will affect their child's future and has tries many ways to force their child to use right hand instead. Actually, this is not necessary and in fact it will affect children's normal development.

Human brain consists of two hemispheres; the right hand is controlled by the left hemisphere while the left hand is controlled by the right hemisphere. For a person who is born left-handed, his right brain hemisphere is in dominance. If a parent forces a left-handed to use right hand for many daily activities, the right hemisphere dominance does not change, but it increases the burden of the left brain and may cause the disorder of the brain function.

The consistent use of the non-dominant part of the brain will affect personality and adaptability and the forced right-hander have to have extra harder in order to improve handwriting and using tools such as chopsticks and knives. They are also more likely to demonstrate language problems such as stuttering, incorrect pronunciation.

It is therefore important for parents no to correct a left-handed.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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