Preparation work for intelligence training of your child

 Intelligence in children

All parents want their children to be smarter than others and they also hope that their children's intelligence can be improved further and further. For this reason, many parents either buy intelligence training materials or attend intelligence training course in order to help their children to improve intelligence, but many give up halfway due to difficulty and problem encountered. If enough preparation is done before the commencement of training, many of these problems and difficulties can be overcome or resolved smoothly. There are four areas in which parents should prepare in order to make the training smooth:

1. Provide rich variety and healthy food for your child

Good health condition is very necessary to make intelligence training a success. Rich variety of food can provide children all nutrients that is needed for intelligence improvement. Parents should make sure their children are not too full or hungry before the training session starts. Food prepared for children should not contain any preservative and parents should not use plastic container to contain food that is for children. Try to avoid fast food and junk food.

2. Communicate with your family members

It is necessary for you to have the support from family members in order to make intelligence training a success. Very often, a child's grandfather and grandmother may not be so supportive of the training if you do not communicate with them before the commencement of the training. Sometimes, they may feel it is too harsh for the child to undergo such a training and this may then lead to conflict between the family members. It is therefore important for you to communicate the objective of the training with your family members before the commencement of the training to avoid conflict later on.

3. Have a dedicate space

Children can get distracted easily during training. To avoid distraction and increase the efficiency of the training, it is better to have a dedicate room that is for intelligence training purpose. In this way, children will be more focused during the training and learn faster.

4. Plan your time

Most of us cannot spend 24 hours a day with our children due to our career. But this is not a constraint. In fact, most of the training sessions can be completed in a few minutes. You should therefore choose the training material carefully to ensure that you have sufficient time to cover duration of the training session.

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