Maid agency fee

 maid agency fee for Indonesian maid, Filipino maid and employment agency fee for Myanmar maid and Indian maid. Reasons why the maid agency fee varies from one agency to another.

There are about 1,200 licensed maid agencies in Singapore. If you ask around, probably you will find that the maid agency fee will vary significantly from one agency to another.
For one maid agency, the maid agency fee will be very different for maids of different nationalities.

Maid agency fee for Indonesian maid

In a survey conducted by, average maid agency fee paid by employers to hire an Indonesian maid is at $900 while the median price is at $1250. 28 employers said they needed to pay more than $1000 as maid agency fee in employing Indonesian maids.

Maid agency fee for Filipino maid

According to the survey, maid agency fee for Filipino maid is the highest: median maid agency fee paid by 39 employers who finished the survey is at $1250.
14 employers said they paid more than $1400 maid agency fee to hire Filipino maids.

Maid agency fee for Myanmar maid

Average maid agency fee to hire a Myanmar maid is lowest at $765 while the median cost is at $650.

Maid agency fee for Indian maid

Average maid agency fee to hire an Indian maid is at $914. Only seven employers finish the survey, an indicating the number of Indian maid in Singapore is lowest among.


Why are maid agency fees so different?

1. Service coverage

First, service coverage by different maid agencies is different. There is a lot of paperwork and procedure involved in hiring maid. For example, after passing the medical examination, the maid will need to go to the Ministry of Manpower for thumbprint session for the issuance of work permit. Some maid agencies will include the transportation service in the package so that you do not need to accompany your maid to the Ministry of Manpower.
Furthermore, some maid agencies claim to have zero maid agency fee, but the maid employer will need to purchase the air ticket for the maid to come to Singapore. For some maid agencies, the cost of the air ticket is included in their service package.

2. Different training centers

There are many recruitment agencies in maid’s home country. Because of varying extent of skill training provided for the maid and business profit consideration, these recruitment agencies charge maid agencies in Singapore a separate fee for sending maid to work in Singapore; this causes maid agencies in Singapore to charge different maid agency fee.

3. Other factors

Probably one of the reasons for high maid agency fee for Filipino maid is that maid agencies are not allowed to charge Filipino maid placement fee through salary deduction as this is illegal under the law of the Philippine.

According to a notice sent to accredited maid agencies in Singapore by the embassy of the Philippine in Singapore (reported by Channel News Asia on 31 March 2017, there are still maid agencies in Singapore continuously charge Filipino domestic workers placement fees of one to eight months. Probably that is one of the reasons why the maid agency fee for Filipino maid varies from one employment agency to another.

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