Reading Fairy Tale to your child everyday

 Story for children

Reading story to your kid is one of the best ways to teach your child about the right or wrong, good or bad about many things in life. Fairy tale can also help to develop your child's imagination and language skill. Good story can have a positive impact on the child.

When your child reaches 18 months old, he will be very interested in listening to story, especially fairy tale. He will be very delighted when you take time to read fairy tale to him.

However, span of his attention is short, he can easily get distracted by things around him. Hence, do not jump to the conclusion that your child does not like story once he gets distracted by other things.

To attract your child's attention, you may consider reading fairy tale that comes with pictures. With pictures, he will be more concentrated on listening to you. To your pleasure, he may seem to understand some things about the story. When you ask the character in the story or some small details of the story, he may be able to indicate to you in the picture or answer you verbally.

It is worth noting that children like to listen to the same story that their parents tell them, especially stories that they like. Hence, parents do not need to spend too much on buying new books. The familiar characters, tones and pictures will make your child feel warm. This also can help your child to improve his memory, understanding capacity and imagination.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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