Step By Step Guide On Potty Training

 Step by step guide on potty training

Potty Training Step 1: Look for Signs of Readiness

First, your child must be able to pull up and pull down pants and is able to indicate that he needs to urinate or defecate. For details of signs of readiness for potty training, please check our article on when to start potty training.

Potty Training Step 2: Choose Underwear/Underpants

Whenever possible, let your child picks the design and color of the underwear or underpants so that your child will be more eager to participate the potty training.

Potty Training Step 3: Pick a Right Potty

Again, let your child picks a potty that he likes so that he will be more willing to use during the potty training.

Potty Training Step 4: Timing is important

Start the potty training on a day when you are free. Avoid choosing days when your child is undergoing transition such as getting used to new environment or starting school.

Furthermore, make sure your child is not stressful on the days when you want to train him. Your child will learn new skill better in a more relaxed mood.

Potty Training Step 5: Demonstrate the potty training method

  1. If you are comfortable, you may want to demonstrate a few times to your child on how you urinate or defecate so that your child has someone to imitate. Skip this step if you are not comfortable with it.
  2. Going through the whole process with your child. Bring your child to the toilet and show him the sequence of actions to be taken from pulling down the pant to pulling up the pants.
  3. On the first few days of training, you may want to ask your child in a regular interval of 2 hours if he needs to go to the toilet. Do not ever force him if he does not want to use the toilet.
  4. Try to ask your child to sit on the potty for about 3 minutes each time. But do not force him to sit on potty for more than 5 minutes as that could make him think that you are punishing him.
  5. You may want to put the potty near the area where your child is playing so that your child does not need to rush to toilet and give him sufficient time to react to the call of nature.
  6. Do not forget to praise your child for the good progress made.
  7. At the beginning, you will need to wipe your child's bottom until he is able to do it himself. Remember to wipe from the front to the back.

Potty Training Step 6: Teach Proper Hygiene

For your boy, you may need to ask him to shake his little brother a bit in order to completely shake off the urine.

Remember to ask your child to wash hand after using the toilet. Make sure he washes hands long enough and show him how to use the soap in an appropriate way

Potty Training Step 7: Commend Good Performance

Like adult, your child will react positively to praise or prize. When your child is doing a good job, do not ever forget to reward him with a small prize. This will encourage him to run to potty every time when nature is calling.

Potty Training Step 8: Be patient - Accident will happen

Accident will happen. If your child misses the toilet, do not comment or scold him. Just clean it up without pulling your face. Potty training is going to take weeks or months, it is very normal for child to mess up your toilet or house in the process.

If your child is too obsessed with game or activities and forget to use the toilet, you may offer him a gentle reminder to prevent accident from happening.

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