9 Normal Abnormalities In Newborn

 jaundice in newborn

Your newborn may not look as cute as what you have imagined in the past 9 months. Most of the time, this is normal. In this article, we list out 9 unusual appearances that parents may observe in their newborns.


Jaundice is a common in newborn, it usually appears about 3 days after the childbirth. As liver function of the newborn is not yet mature, the waste in the blood is not properly treated, this can cause the skin of the newborn to appear yellowish. It should be noted that if jaundice appears within 24 hours of the birth, parents should seek help from paediatrician immediately.

Green meconium

Newborn will begin to discharge dark green meconium at about 10-12 hours after birth, this is normal. As the newborn starts to have breast milk or formulae milk powder, colour of the discharge will also gradually change.

Red spots in eyes

After birth, some newborns may have many red spots in their eyes. Unless the eyes are mostly red, parents should not worry.

Weight loss

3-4 days after birth, the newborn may experience a weight loss. This is because the newborn is losing more fluid than what he takes in. Within 14 days, newborn’s weight will go back to his birth weight.


You may notice that your newborn twitches a lot, especially after falling asleep. This is normal and parents do not need to worry. It occurs as the nervous system of the newborn is not mature.

Nasal congestion, shortness of breath

Most newborn will experience nasal congestion, sometimes shortness of breath within a few days after birth. This is because they are trying to get used to the new surrounding and all the new smells of the outside world. Furthermore, most of the time, they only breathe through their nose in their earlier days, this makes them more likely to experience nasal congestion and shortness of breath.

Flaky skin

Within a few days after birth, the newborn's skin may seem dry, especially in the limbs. The appearance of flaky skin is normal and should not cause any alarm.

Cradle Cap

Cradle cap, also called milk crust, is a yellowish patchy, scaly and crusty skin rash that occurs on the scalp of the newborn. Its appearance has nothing to do with hygiene or bacterial infection. Mom can apply olive oil gently on baby's scalp before bathing, this can soften scabs and you can gently wash it away.

Vaginal discharge or bleeding

Parent may notice that their baby girls have clear or slightly bloody vaginal discharge. This again is normal. Its occurrence has to do with their exposure to mother’s hormone while they were still in uterus.

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