House Rules For Your Maid

 House rule for maids in Singapore

General House Rules For Maids

1. Do not do any part-time job during your off-day. It is against the law in Singapore.

2. Do not lie to us.

3. Do not bring other people into the house.

4. Do not leave the house without our permission.

5. Do inform us when you go out during your off-day.

6. Be at home before 10pm during your off-day.

7. You can only use hand phone after baby fall asleep at night. Remember to switch your phone to silent mode so as not to wake up our baby.

8. If there is any misunderstanding or miscommunication, try to explain to us, but do not argue or shout.

9. Ask for permission before you enter master room.

10. If you make mistake, do let us know honestly.

11. If you need to use house phone, ask for our permission.

12. Try not to talk to men outside.

Employer- Maid Relationship

1. We will reward you for good performance.

2. Do share with us if you encounter any difficulty.

3. If you want to send money home, let us know and we will help you send the money back home.

4. Do not compare with other maids.

5. If there are too many things for you to handle, do let us know and we will work it out with you.

6. Do talk to us when you are not feeling well, we will take you to see doctor.

Housework Related Rules For Maids

1. Always exercise care when you are doing any housework.

2. Do not clean exterior of the window when you are alone. Only clean exterior of the window when Madam is at home to help you.

3. Try to remember our preference.

4. If there is anything you are unsure or do not know how to do, do not be afraid to ask us first.

5. if any of the groceries, household items in the house is about to finish, let us know so that we can buy it when we go to supermarket.

6. Do not leave knives, scissors, detergent or washing powder lying around or in a place that can be reached by children.

Laundry and Cooking Related Rule For Maids

1. Check clothes pocket before putting them into washing machine.

2. Do not dry clothes in the kitchen while you are cooking.

3. Wash all the clothes at night.

4. Wash hand before you touch the food.

5. separate raw meat, vegetable from cooked food.

6. Always keep the food clean and fresh.

Taking Care Of Baby

1. If you think our baby or child needs to be disciplined, let us know.

2. Do not hit children.

3. Do watch our baby closely when he plays at the playground.

4. Always hold our children's hand when cross the road.

5. Clean baby's toys every night after he falls asleep.

6. Do let us know when baby get hurt when you are taking care of him.

Others Rules For Maids

1. Dress properly when we go out together.

2. sleeveless, low cut tops and shorts are not allowed in the house.

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