Infant Feeding Schedule

 no solid food before 4 months. Parents need to watch out for signs of readiness before introducing solid food.

0- 4 Months

For the first four months, a baby should be fed with breast milk or formula milk. No solid food should be introduced to the baby have low levels of the enzymes that help with the digestion of starch. Introducing solid food at this age will pose a risk of sucking food into the airway. The solid food may also upset the stomach, and it also increases a baby’s risk of obesity.


4 - 6 Months

You can introduce solid food to your baby when your baby is four months to 6 months old. Parents should look for sign of readiness before introducing solid food to the baby.  


Signs of readiness include:

1. Your baby can keep his head in a steady, upright position.

2. Your baby is able to sit well upright in an infant feeding seat or highchair.

3. Your baby has lost extrusion reflex. With extrusion reflex, your baby will push solid food out of his mouth, feeding solid food, therefore, becomes impossible.    

4. Your baby shows curiosity about food. Your baby may begin eyeing or reaching out for food. He may open his mouth if you offer him a spoonful.


Baby Food For 4 - 6 Months Old Baby

1. Rice cereal, barley cereal, oatmeal cereal

2. Apple Puree, Avocado puree, pumpkin puree, banana, pear


Baby Food For 7 Months Old Baby

1.Vegetable puree

2.Fruit juice such as grape juice

3.Meat puree such as chicken


Baby Food For 8 - 10 Months Old Baby

1.Corn puree, carrot puree


3.Fish Puree

4.Meat Puree

Please refer to Baby Food Recipes For 8 Months to 10 Months Old Baby to see all baby food recipes


Baby Food For 10 Months to 12 Months Old Baby

Please refer to Baby Food Recipes For 10 Months to 12 Months Old Baby to see all baby food recipes


Consideration About Infant Feeding

Other consideration about infant feeding

(a)No salt

Babies need less than 1 gram of salt in their first year. Do not add salt to the sold food that you Too much salt is indeed harmful to your baby.


(b) Introducing new food

You should give the new food to you for 3 to 5 days before introducing a new food.

You should observe whether your baby shows allergic reaction or other adverse reaction to the new food. 

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