Maids in Singapore

 Maids in Singapore: how to hire domestic helpers in Singapore

Introduction to Maids in Singapore

It has been estimated that one in five households in Singapore has a maid, with some households having two maids for various reasons.

Cost of having a maid in Singapore

Monthly salary of maid is around $450 to $500 and the more experienced maids may request for even more.

Other than the monthly salary, you also need to pay foreign domestic worker levy on a monthly basis which can range from $120 to $265.

Other monthly costs of having a maid include expenditures on food, utility and toiletry.

When you hire maid for the first time, you also need to pay maid agency fee which can range from $1000 to $2000, depending on the service coverage. Other upfront costs include expenditure on insurance, medical examination, air tickets and fee for employer orientation program.

You can refer cost of hiring maid in Singapore for details.

Steps of Hiring a Maid through Maid Agencies in Singapore

It takes about 4 to 6 weeks to hire a maid through maids agencies or employment agencies. You can refer to MOM website for a list of licensed maid agencies.

After selecting maid agencies, maid agency will provide bio-data of available maids to you and you will interview your choice maid through phone, webcam or face to face which will be arranged by the maid agency.

After selecting your desired maid, you will need to buy insurance for your choice maid, apply work permit for her and bring her for medical checkup. These are usually done by the maid agencies.

If you are hiring maid for the first time, you will be required to attend the employer orientation program conducted by the ministry of manpower.

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Maid Agencies in Singapore

There are about 1000 maid agencies or employment agencies in Singapore. You can get a list of them through the Ministry of Manpower websites for the licensed maid agencies or employment agencies.

MOM also track the credibility and service quality of the maid agency by introducing the demerit point, foreign domestic worker success retention rate and foreign domestic worker transfer rate.

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Hiring A Transfer Maid in Singapore

Hiring transfer maid offer some advantages such as saving money on air ticket and getting a more experienced maid.

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Management of Maids in Singapore

Maid is just like another person that needs to be respected. A good management of maids will be beneficial to both parties.

Good management of maids require setting proper expectations, house rules and personal preference of you and your family and appropriate timetable and communicate these to your maid upon her arrival. Proper training of tools and appliance should also be provided to help maid to get used to new working environment easier and faster.

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Maid Related Problems in Singapore

Conflicts or problems can occur. In any situation, do not ever physically or verbally abuse your maid, doing so will get you into jail and fine.

Serious problem include maid get pregnant in which you have to send her back immediately else you will risk losing security deposit.

Other serious problem include maid running away or doing part time job during her off day.

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