Natural ways to counter postpartum weight gain

 Natural ways to counter post-pregnancy weight gain

More than half of all women experience significant weight gain post-pregnancy. Much of this weight takes the form of uterus enlargement, water retention as well as fat that serves as energy reserves for birth and breastfeeding. There are steps that can be taken to counter this natural increase, particularly all-natural healthy ones stemming from the teachings of Traditional Chinese medicine. Below are some recommended tips as well as habits to aid in shedding the extra kilograms!

1. Eat a breakfast that's good for you.

Multi Grains Cereal

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and with good reason. Having a good first meal sets the tone for a health-focused next twelve hours or so. Counter rainy mornings with a hot cup of Eu Yan Sang's 33 Multi Grains Cereal. A nutritious blend using 33 all-natural ingredients such as Red Quinoa, Gingko, Ginseng and Wolfberry, it provides the essential amino acids necessary to aid in the building and maintenance of body tissues. Multi grains are also complex carbohydrates, which go a long way in fending off snacking urges for the rest of the day.

2.Consume Yang food.

Yin-Yang is the symbol that represents harmony, as well as balance between coolness and warmth. Water retention contributes to a large part of post-pregnancy weight. By consuming warming Yang food such as beef, nuts, ginger and cinnamon, it will allow the body to actively work towards burning this excessive water. You can also take this opportunity to introduce additional herbs and spices into your meals, which are often warming and also offer a ton of other nutrients that will benefit your health in the long run.

3. Choose to drink well.

Bird's Nest Collagen Drink

With so much time spent chasing after the little one, we may find ourselves guzzling the nearest soft drink or a cup of coffee just to keep going. In fact, our drinking habits actively contribute to weight gain. Instead of reaching for sugar-loaded beverages, consider alternatives such as Eu Yan Sang's Bird Nest's Collagen Drink. Beyond being a refreshing drink, it also helps boost your immune system and keeps your skin youthful and radiant.

4.Self-care is vital.

Nourishing Essence Face Mask

There is so much to cope with - nappy changes, sleepless lights, lifestyle changes and countless more. This leads to frazzled days and high-stress periods. Stress hormones works against weight loss as your body will go on overdrive and retain fats in an effort to protect itself.

Take the time to pamper yourself, not just through food but also through other methods such as using Eu Yan Sang's Nourishing Essence Face Mask. With natural extracts of bird's nests, ginseng root and silkworm cocoon extract, it leaves skin looking clear, glowing and youthful as well as gives you a guaranteed 20 minutes of peace per night.

5. Power up your day

Slender Gold Slimming Essence

Ultimately, combating weight gain is a part of becoming and looking healthy. As a new parent, it is important to set a good example by remembering to start your day right by opting for wiser meal choices. Foods that are high in nutrients and low in processed sugar will serve you well. You can supplement your diet with Eu Yan Sang's Slender Gold Slimming Essence. Designed as a supplement to any healthy diet, it contains green coffee bean extract, a key ingredient to boost metabolism and fat burning.

Come down to Eu Yan Sang today to find out more about possible wellness solutions and find your way to a healthier, more beautiful version of yourself. You can shop online or tele-order/consult with our experienced herbalists, 7 days a week from 10am to 10pm (including PH) and have your favourite products delivered straight to your doorstep. Order Online at (Same Day Delivery) or WhatsApp us at 9372 0698.

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