Optional Vaccination in Singapore

 Optional childhood immunization in Singapore and schedule

The following vaccines are optional in Singapore. Please consult your doctor for advice on the doses, schedule and the fee for these optional vaccines.

1. Vaccine Against Haemophilus influzenza type B (Hib)

Haemophilus influenza type B is a virus that can cause serious disease in young children such as meningitis, sepsis or pneumonia.

If you sign up for 5-in-1 jab or 6-in-1 jab, vaccination against the haemophilus influenza type B is usually included.

2. Vaccine Against Hepatitis A

Hepatitis A is a serious liver disease caused by the hepatitis A virus that usually spread from contact with patient carrying the virus or eating food that is contaminated with this virus.

3. Vaccine Against Chicken pox

Chicken pox is also called Varicella; it is a common disease in children. It is usually a benign, but highly contagious disease and can spread from person to person through the air or contact with the fluid from the blister on the body of the affected person.

4. Rotavirus Vaccine

Rotavirus can cause acute gastroenteritis in infant and children. According to same statistics, nearly all children will have at least one rotavirus infection before reaching 5th birthday. In Singapore, 1 in 3 hospitalizations in Singapore due to diarrhea are caused by rotavirus. Infants between 3 to 24 months old are the high risk group.

5. Influenza Vaccine

Influenza is a contagious diseased caused by the influenza virus, usually spread out by coughing, sneezing or nasal secretion. Young children are in the high risk group.

Annual revaccination against certain strain is usually required.

6. Pneumococcal Vaccine

pneumococcal infection is a viral infection that may result in meningitis, sepsis, pneumonia, ear infection.

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