Renew Filipino Maid Passport

 How to renew passport for maids from Philippine

Steps in Renewing Filipino Maid Passport

Details of the step in renewing Filipino Maid Passport can be found in Philippine Embassy website

Frequently Asked Questions about renewing Filipino maid passport can be found in the following links

Processing Time

It will take about 8 weeks.

Cost of Renewing Passport

It is about $102.

Renew Passport Through Maid Agency

Because of the verified employment contract issue and the time consuming process involved, many employers opt to use maid agency to avoid the paperwork and queue.

Cost of renewing the passport through agency may be at about $400. Please check with your maid agency for details.

Please be noted also that your maid has to go down personally to the embassy to renew her passport even you engage a maid agency to help you.

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