Select Maid Agency Singapore

Select Maid Agency Singapore

 How to select maid agency in Singapore.

1. Introduction to Maid Agency in Singapore

2. How to start finding a maid agency

3. How to Review a Maid Agency

4. Questions to Ask Your Maid Agency

Introduction to Maid Agency in Singapore

There are about 1000 maid agencies or employment agencies of different sizes in Singapore, offering different kinds of service package, charging an agent fee that may range from $0 to more than $1000, this makes selecting a good maid agency very difficult for many. In this article, we hope to offer readers some guides or tips on selecting a good maid agency.

It should be taken note that even the most established one or the most reputable or the one charged you the highest cannot guarantee you that you will get your ideal maid.

How to start finding a maid agency?

You may consider visiting the MOM website for a list of licensed maid agency. Employing a maid through unlicensed maid agency may get you into trouble.

On this MOM website, you will be able to find a lot of maid agencies. You may first start visiting the maid agency that is located within your neighborhood. It is recommended that you visit 2 or 3 maid agencies before engaging one to help you in the end.

How to Select a Maid Agency

Review a Maid Agency 1: Demerit points

This information is provided by the Ministry of Manpower on the website listed above. Of course, you should visit those maid agencies that have the lowest demerit points.

Demerit points are issue to the maid agencies by the Ministry of Manpower when the maid agency infringes the Employment Agencies Act, Rules or Licensing Conditions. An agency which accumulates 12 or more demerits point will be placed on the MOM's surveillance list. You can visit the website listed above to find out more.

Review a Maid Agency 2: Foreign domestic worker (FDW) retention success rate

This rate is a percentage of foreign domestic worker placed by the maid agency or employment for the period Mar 2010 to Mar 2012 and had stayed with the same employer for at least 365 days. The rate for each maid agency can be found on the MOM website. A higher rate is usually desirable.

Review a Maid Agency 3: Foreign domestic worker transfer rate

This means the percentage of foreign domestic workers, within the past 12 months, have been placed the same employment to 3 or more employers out of the total number of foreign domestic worker it placed. The rate for each maid agency can be found on the MOM website.A lower rate is usually desirable.

Review a Maid Agency 4: Free Replacement of maid

Can you exchange maid for free? Do go for maid agency that provide at least a few times of replacement of maid at zero cost.

Some agencies will also require you to use the maid for a minimum period of time before you can ask for a change.

But do take note that the Ministry of Manpower may make it hard for you to apply for work permit if you change maid too frequently. There are other disadvantages of changing maid, you can read management of maids for further details.

Make sure you read the written contract carefully regarding the replacement of maid!

Review a Maid Agency 5. Agency Fee Vs Service Coverage

Agency fee should be reasonable, of course. But you should also look at the service coverage. Different maid agencies will offer kinds of service package, hence you cannot compare the maid agency by purely basing on agency fee.

You should check with maid agency whether the following services is included in the package and is there any additional charge for hiring the maid?

  • Collect maid at airport for you
  • Send maid for stipulated test and send maid to your house
  • Send maid for medical examination and thumb print, photo-taking at the Ministry of Manpower
  • Will the maid agency help you to apply the insurance and does the insurance fee included in the package? Does the insurance cover the security bond?
  • Will the maid agency help you to register the employee orientation program and pay the fee on your behalf?

All these should be taken into consideration when you are comparing the agency fee.

Review a Maid Agency 6. Written Contract

A proper written contract is important. It was reported online that some agencies does not provide any written contract.

Do not go for any maid agencies that do not have any proper written contact.

Furthermore, Before you sign the contract, do read every single line of statement to fully understand the terms and conditions. Do clarify with the maid agencies if you have other doubt, never assume.

When you are considering which maid agency to engage, you may ask maid agencies for copies of their written contracts for your own reference and easy for you to make comparison.

Questions to Ask Your Maid Agency

Important Questions To Ask Maid Agency

1. How long is it going to take to bring in your desired maid? If you cannot deliver on time, do I need to pay anything?

2. If the selected maid fails the Entry and safety test? What will happen to the maid loan and agency fee that I have paid?

3. Do you provide unlimited number of exchange of maid for free?

4. Do I need to use the maid for a minimum period of time before I can ask for a exchange?

5. Is the maid loan refundable?

6. Do you require me to pay for the food and lodging for the maid, after I return the maid to you? If yes, how much do I need to pay per day and for how many days?

Questions about Service Package Vs Agency Fee

1. Do I need to pay medical checkup for the maid? If yes, how much?

2. When I collect the maid, how much do I need to pay the maid loan and the security bond protector?

3. Can I pay the maid loan and the bond protector by installment without interest charged?

4. Will you help to collect the maid at the airport? Is there any additional charge for this?

5. After the maid arrives at my house for a few days, will your agency send someone to come and collect my maid to go to MOM to do her thumbprint and take photo for her work permit then send the maid back to my house? Is there any additional charges for this service?

6. Will you send the maid's passport & work permit card together within 2 weeks to my home? Is there any additional service charge for this?

7. Will you help us to buy the insurance for the maid? What kind of insurance will you purchase and is the fee included in the service package?

8. Do I need to pay for return air ticket when the maid's contract is finished?

9. Will you help me to register the employer orientation program? Any additional charge for this?

Others Relevant Questions

Q1. How much is the maid salary?

Q2. Is your maid trained on the use of common household tools and appliances?

Hope the above information can help you to find a good maid agency and a good maid.

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