When to give baby first haircut

 haircut for baby in Singapore

In some families in Singapore, there is a belief that babies should have their first haircut one month after birth. Some parents delay the first haircut until baby is 100 days old. For these parents, they believe doing that will bring better luck to the baby. If you do not believe in such superstitious tale, then it is recommended your baby should have his or her first haircut when his or her hair is long.

It will be too hot for baby if his or her hair is too long. Bear in mind that Singapore weather is really hot. Your baby will sweat more if his or her hair is too long.

When your baby's hair is too long, it will cover baby's eyes which will affect his or her vision development.

Furthermore, if your baby's hair is too long, it can make the child uncomfortable due to static electricity.

Lastly, long hair may interrupt with feeding process as sometimes, the hair may 'fly' and mix with the food.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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