Baby Clothes Singapore: How to choose clothes for your baby?

 how to buy clothes in Singapore for your baby. materials, design are important consideration in buying clothes for baby in Singapore.

Some facts you should consider before you buy clothes for your baby.

1. It is very hot in Singapore, especially in May, June and July.

2. Baby will usually tend to sweat much more easily as compared to adults.

3. You have to change baby diapers a few times in a day.

4. Baby is growing up very fast.

5. Baby's skin is delicate and skin problem can easily occur.

6. Newborn's head will wobble.

7. You are going to change baby clothes multiple times in a day due to sweat, drippy poop, leaky milk or drool.

Opening - Baby Clothes

Snaps and zippers: because of the danger of pinching skin, snaps are usually better and you should try to avoid baby clothes with zippers. It will also be good if there is a layer of clothes underneath the snap to prevent direct contact between baby's skin and snap.

Front opening shirts: It will be difficult to put a shirt over a baby's head. It will be easier if the whole front can be open and then can be snapped.

Furthermore, you should choose clothes that has opening that will enable you to change diaper very easily.

Style - Baby Clothes

Simple is the best, especially in Singapore where weather is so hot. Most of the extra textures or features such as collar, lace, pockets, embroidery are unnecessary and often can cause harm rather than good. Collars, lace or embroidery can only scratch your baby's tender skin and may contribute to some of the baby's skin problems.

In addition, you should try to buy clothes that do not have tag or tags that can be easily removed. If there is any tag on your baby's clothes, you should consider removing them as it can only scratch your baby's delicate skin and cause discomfort.

Color - Baby Clothes

Try not to buy clothes that is white in color as it is not easy for you to wash. Furthermore, baby will prefer bright colors rather than white.

Material - Baby Clothes

Natural fabrics like cotton or wool will be breathable, this can help to prevent rashes and prickly heat.

100% cotton will be the best. Cotton has very good absorbency and is usually not sensitive to skin.

Bamboo fiber has a natural antibacterial property and it is able to retain this property even after multiple washing.

Absorbency of bamboo fiber is also better than cotton. However, clothes made with bamboo fiber is usually more expensive.

Size - Baby Clothes

It is recommended you should buy one size up. This means that If your baby is now 5 or 6 months old, you should NOT buy clothes are suitable for 0 - 6 months old baby or 3 - 6 months old baby.

Be more careful when you buy online, if possible, try to shop on those online baby shop that allow you to exchange if you find it unsuitable for your baby.

Quantity - Baby Clothes

You should prepare at least 6 sets.

You may need to buy more if your baby sweat easily as compare to other children. Furthermore, from May to July where Singapore is extremely hot, your baby will change clothes more often.

Do not forget also that you are going to receive a lot of clothes as gifts from your relatives, friends and colleagues, especially if you plan to hold a full month ceremony for your baby. So do not stock up too much.

Hope this information is helpful for you.

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