Leg and Foot Cramp During Pregnancy

 Reasons for pregnant women to experience leg cramp, foot cramp during pregnancy and solution to this discomfort during pregnancy.

Leg and Foot Cramp is a sudden, sharp pain in your calf muscle or feet. It usually occurs at night.

How to ease foot and leg cramp?

1. Keep your leg straight on mattress and pull your toes back towards your ankle. This will stretch your calf muscle and should help to ease the pain.

2. You can also massage the area affected and place a hot water bottle on the affected area.

Reminder: If this occurs to you very often, please consult your doctor for more advice.

How to prevent leg and foot cramp during pregnancy?

  • Gentle and regular exercises during pregnancy, particularly ankle and leg movement may help to prevent cramping.
  • You can also stretch your calf muscle before you go to bed. This can help to prevent leg and foot cramping.
  • Drinking more water may also help to prevent leg and foot cramping.
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