Headache during pregnancy

 Reason why expecting mother experiences headache during pregnancy as well as how to relieve this discomfort during pregnancy.

1. Introduction to Headache During Pregnancy

2. When to Seek Doctor's Help For Headache?

3. Causes of Headache During Pregnancy

4. Alleviate Headache During Pregnancy

Introduction to Headache During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, you may get headache more often, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy. Most of the time, the headache will go away without any medical treatment; but in some situations list below, you should see the doctor or gynecologist for advice. Please take note that you should not take any over-the-counter medicine unless advised by your doctor.

When to see doctor for headache during your pregnancy?

1. Headache that is accompanies by fever.

2. Headache that is accompanied by swelling in the face.

3. Headache that is accompanied by visual change such as blurry vision.

4. Headache and you have sudden weight gain.

What causes headache or migraine during pregnancy?

1. The most common cause of headache during pregnancy is the hormonal change that you are going through.

2. Lack of sleep or general fatigue during pregnancy is also causing headache.

3. Tension and emotional stress is also very common in causing headache during pregnancy.

What can be done for your headache?

If the cause of headache during pregnancy is the hormonal change in your body, you will probably feel much better in the second trimester when the hormone and blood flow stabilize. For other causes, you can do the following to alleviate or prevent headache or migraine.

1. Make sure you have enough sleep and rest. This is the best way to prevent headache resulting from fatigue. But do not oversleep as well because many will get headache from oversleeping.

2. To prevent tension headache, try to prevent stress from building up and turning into a tension headache, you can take a deep breathe for a minute for two regularly to help to relieve the stress. Meditating and prenatal yoga class can also help to prevent stress from building up.

3. Drinking coffee may not be good during pregnancy. If you have drunk a lot of coffee before pregnancy and cut it back now, try to do it slowly as cutting back too fast can also trigger headache or migraine.

4. Eating small but frequently. Low blood sugar can also trigger headache. Do not ever go hungry.

5. Massaging is also an effective way to prevent tension headache. You an go for professional message or ask your husband to massage your neck, shoulders and back.

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