Pregnant women should eat less sour food during first trimester

 Although pregnant women may long for sour food, sour food may not be good for pregnant women in terms of health benefit and side effects.

Due to early pregnancy response like nausea, vomitingand low appetite, many pregnant women prefer to eat sour or acidic food. But this is not recommended and should be controlled.

Research shows that if the pregnant women take in too much sour food, the proliferation of the embryonic cell and fetus's normal growth and development will be negatively impacted. Even worse, it may cause genetic mutation of the cells. All these may lead to abnormality in the fetus.

If pregnant women have to eat the sour food, it is recommended that they eat the sour fruit or vegetable such as tomato, strawberry, grape, orange. These fruits or vegetable are not only harmless, but are nutritious to the pregnant women.

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