Steps to hire a confinement nanny in Singapore

 Steps to hire confinement nanny in Singapore. If foreigner, only malaysian confinement nanny is allowed.

Confinement is the period when new mother needs to be taken good care of so that she can recover from birth delivery. During this period, it will be very difficult or almost impossible for new mother to carry out any household chore and take good care of newborn. Unless your mother or mother-in-law is committed in helping you, you will need a confinement nanny.

Due to health concern for mother or mother-in-law or to avoid any argument with someone “close” during confinement, many young parents choose to hire a confinement lady.


Step 1:  Think carefully about job scope of confinement nanny

It is important to think carefully about job scope of confinement nanny before you engage a confinement nanny agency or search around for confinement nanny. This is important for two reasons:

  1. First, job scope will affect the salary of the confinement lady. If you need confinement lady to do more work such as cooking for family member, you will have to fork out more money.
  2. Second, agreement in job scope before commencement of duty can help to avoid any dispute after the confinement nanny had started to work for you.

Job scope of confinement lady can include the followings:

  1. Taking good care of baby during day time such as feeding, bathing and washing baby clothes.
  2. Taking good care of baby at night.
  3. Guide new mothers in breastfeeding baby.  
  4. Shopping for grocery and herbs.
  5. Cooking for new mothers.
  6. Cooking for other family members.
  7. Household chore such as mopping floor, cleaning up the kitchen, washing toilet and so on.
  8. Massage.


Step 2: Language requirement of confinement nanny

Language is important for communication. Some experienced confinement nanny can give you a lot of advice and guide you in breastfeeding your baby. This can only happen if she can communicate effectively with you.

If you only speak English, you must let confinement nanny agency know this if you engage an agency to help you.


Step 3: Book early or search early

If you want to hire a confinement nanny through agency, you should book one or two months earlier before the expected due date of birth delivery.

If you want to self-hire confinement nanny, you should start to ask your friends or relatives earlier for recommendation.

If you hire a foreign confinement nanny on your own, you should be aware that the prospective confinement nanny will needs to meet the following conditions so that you can apply a temporary work permit for her

(a) Malaysian female

(b) Age must be between 23 and 65 years old


Step 4: Agreed with terms and conditions

If you hire the confinement nanny on your own, you must come to an agreement with the confinement lady about the pay, job scope, starting working day, what happen if you deliver earlier or later?


You may also want to find out the confinement lady’s preference in diet and habit. For example, some confinement nanny may insist fruit after meal. You may therefore have to prepare fruit so that she will not grumble during her work.


If you hire confinement nanny through agency, it is also important to learn the terms and conditions of services before you sign any paper.


Step 5: Pay the deposit

If you hire confinement nanny through agency, you will need to pay the deposit after you come to an agreement with terms and conditions of service of confinement nanny agency.

For freelance confinement nanny, you may also need to pay the deposit.


Step 6: Apply for temporary work permit

You need to apply a temporary work permit for your confinement nanny if she is from Malaysia. If you hire her through confinement nanny agency, the agency will do all the paper work for you.

If you hire the confinement nanny on your own, you should apply the work permit for your confinement nanny not more than 1 month before the expected date of delivery.

If you submit the application online, the processing time will be one working day.

If you submit the application manually, the processing time will be 5 working days.


You will need the following information to submit your application:

(a)Information about the confinement nanny’s

1. Name, date of birth, marital status and religion

2. Work Permit number (if applicable)

3. Malaysian IC number

4. Travel document details

5.  Citizenship, place of birth, race and highest qualification.

(b)Your personal particular and your spouse’s particular

1. Personal particulars

2. NRIC No./FIN (if applicable)

3. The employment information.


Documents to be attached to the completed application form:

(a) a copy of the employer’s Identity Card (for Singaporeans, Singapore Permanent Residents and Malaysians)

(b) a copy of the employer’s passport and Employment/Dependent Pass (for foreigners and non-Singapore Permanent


(c) a copy of the confinement nanny’s passport/travel document

(d) a copy of the confinement nanny’s Identity Card (Front and back)

(e) a copy of the letter from the employer’s/spouse’s doctor stating the pregnancy or delivery of baby (the letter should state the expected due date) or Birth Certificate / Notification of Live Birth

(f) a copy of the confinement nanny’s educational certificate [e.g. GCE ‘O’ level, Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) or its equivalent]

if her educational level is Sec 4 or above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Question 1: How to check whether the confinement nanny agency is licensed?

Answer: You can visit MOM website to check.

Question 2: When is the best time to engage a confinement nanny agency?

Answer: You should contact a confinement nanny agency 4 months before your estimated delivery date.

You should think about your requirement carefully before contacting a confinement nanny agency.

Check confinement service out if you are looking for a confinement nanny.

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