Tomatoes for pregnant women

 Suitability of tomato for expecting mother during pregnancy, health benefits, nutrition value as well as negative side effect of eating tomato during pregnancy

Tomato is one of the healthiest food for women during pregnancy.


Rich source of folic acid and vitamin A

Tomato is rich in folic acid. Folic acid can help to prevent birth defect in the newborn. Vitamin A in tomato not only keep the expecting mother healthy, it is also beneficial for the eye development of the baby.


Prevent anemia

Anemia can be quite common during pregnancy. It occurs due to higher demand of blood to support expecting mother and the development of the babies. When pregnant women does not get enough iron in their diet, anemia can occur.

Tomato is rich in iron which is needed to produce haemoglobin in the red blood cell.


Prevent constipation

Tomato is a good source of dietary fiber. Constipation occurs due to hormonal change in pregnant women’s body which slows down the movement of intestines. Dietary fiber in tomato can help to prevent constipation from occurring.


Vitamin C and antioxidant

Tomato is rich in lycopene and vitamin C – natural oxidants that help to protect expecting mother and boost expecting mother's immune system.


Other health benefits of tomato

High content of potassium in tomato is found to lower hypertension. Potassium is able to reduce the pressure acting on the blood vessels and arteries and therefore able to reduce high blood pressure.


Lycopene is tomato helps to reduce the cholesterol level and triglycerides in the blood, this in turns help to reduce chance of heart diseases.


Organic tomatoes are better

Not only organic tomatoes are not polluted by chemicals, it is also found to have a higher content of antioxidants which are very good for the health of the pregnant women. 

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