What to take note in first stage of labor?

 Precaution to take note during first stage of vaginal birth delivery in Singapore

1. Do not 'push'

Your cervix is not fully open yet. It will only waste your energy and effort if you start to push.

2. Absorb sufficient nutrition

The delivery process is a very exhausting process, especially for those new mothers. In the first stage, family members should encourage the expectant mother to eat more frequent small meals. Try to consume those food that can be easily digested such as porridge and those contain high-calorie.

3. Deep breathing

Take a deep breath when you feel the contraction. This can help to reduce the pain. Deep breath can also help you to avoid 'pushing' at this stage and help you to relax. Take a deep breath also each time the contraction ends.

4. Timely urination

The expectant mothers are encouraged to urinate once in two to four hours during this stage. A full bladder will affect the uterine contraction, opening of cervix and prolong the laboring process.

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