ChildFirst Pre-school open house

Open House of ChildFirst Pre-school

Future-proof Your Child Through our iUnique Curriculum in a Trilingual Environment

Promotion:$1,000* off school fees when you enrol your child at our Open House
Date | Time:Saturday, 6 April 2024 (10am – 12pm)
Locations:Hillview, Mountbatten, and Tampines
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Ever wondered how many Chinese words your child really knows?

At ChildFirst Pre-school, we don’t just tell you how many words you child will learn but give you personalised AI-generated reports of the actual words that your child has mastered.

ChildFirst Pre-school Preschool

Tracks quantitatively the words your child knows.

ChildFirst Pre-school School Tour

"阿" Needs Revision!

ChildFirst Pre-school Open House

30% Improvement with AI Chinese

That is why ChildFirst Pre-school has been named "Best in Trilingualism" for English, Chinese and Coding by Parents World for 5 consecutive years.

What makes ChildFirst Pre-school’s Chinese immersion programme different and effective?

1. Half-day Chinese Daily

The most effective method for your child to develop fluency in a second language is immersion. That is why our programme is implemented based on a daily routine where half the day is conducted in English and the other half in Chinese. Each session immerses your child in a classroom environment where only one language is spoken for communication and learning.

2. Chinese Rapid Word Recognition Programme

Vocabulary is crucial for language fluency. Unlike English, Chinese is a pictorial language. That is why our Chinese Rapid Word Recognition programme is designed to teach families of words that look similar instead of discrete characters one at a time.

3. AI-enabled Learning and Reinforcement

AI-enabled Chinese tailors learning to your child, improving word retention and advancing language skills. The app tracks progress and tailors revision through interactive games, creative media and rewards to reinforce learning. By analysing recall patterns, our app adjusts activities accordingly to ensure that your child confidently retains every word. This is the power of AI in education.

Terms and Conditions

  • Valid for first-time enrolment into ChildFirst @ Hillview, ChildFirst @ Mountbatten and ChildFirst @ Tampines in Singapore with payment of application fee and one-month deposit by 12 April 2024.
  • Subject to allocation availability at the centre’s sole discretion.
  • Child must commence school by 3 June 2024 or when child turns 18 months.
  • Promotion will be applied on the 4th month of school fees after fees are paid for 3 full months.
  • Promotion discount will be applied after ECDA subsidies if applicable. Calculation: (Full Month School Fees + GST – ECDA Subsidies – $1000 promotion discount)
  • Promotion is not exchangeable for cash and inclusive of GST at the prevailing rate.
  • Promotion not valid with any other promotion, discount or rebate.
  • Promotion is deemed void in the event of the child withdrawing from ChildFirst Pre-school during the discount period, regardless of the reason.
  • Not applicable for transfer of child from other ChildFirst Pre-schools.

Watch a video on how our ChildFirst Pre-schoolers master Chinese effectively!.

About ChildFirst Pre-school

ChildFirst Pre-school School Tour
ChildFirst Pre-school School Tour
ChildFirst Pre-school School Tour
ChildFirst Pre-school School Tour

Best in Trilingualism Pre-school Winner since 2020

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Learning a language is effortless when young children are immersed in that language environment. ChildFirst is the first trilingual pre-school to provide immersion in the three most important languages around the world in the future, English (half-day daily), Chinese (half-day daily) and Coding (the language for AI and robots). Even though AI can provide language translation, being a native speaker with an awareness of the culture will give your child an advantage.

Besides immersion in a trilingual environment, ChildFirst’s iUnique Curriculum emphasis on AI (Artificial Intelligence), HI (Human Intelligence) and MI (Multiple Intelligences).

Having your child master the language of AI (coding) will prepare them to master AI instead of being replace by AI. The benefit of Coding goes beyond programming robots. It develops Computational Thinking skills such as how to break a problem into smaller parts and extract the essence of a problem. Thus, enhancing logical thinking and systematic problem-solving ability for life.

In addition, your child gets to develop uniquely Human Intelligence (HI) such as creativity, EQ, moral, judgement, leadership etc. which are not easily replaceable by robots.

And lastly, ChildFirst believes in exercising your child’s unique talent through our Multiple Intelligence (MI) curriculum so that they can find their own niche, develop it, gain confidence and excel in life.

Our Locations


63 Hillview Ave #01-03/04/08 Singapore 669569                                     


229 Mountbatten Road, #01-32, Mountbatten Square Singapore 398007               


3 Tampines Central 1, #05-01, Tampines Plaza 1, Singapore 529540                                

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