Late period and negative test

Late period and negative test

 What does a late period and negative pregnancy test indicate

1. Introduction to Late Period with Negative Test

2. When should I visit gynaecologists?

3. Cause of Late Period with Negative Test-Test Method

4. Cause of Late Period with Negative Test-Irregular Period

Introduction to Late period with negative test

It is very irritating and stressful for many of us to see this contradicting result: period has been delayed for some days but the pregnancy test result keeps showing negative. Unfortunately, this indeed often happen to women regardless of whether the women are trying to conceive or not.

Late period with negative test: Should I visit gynaecologist now?

1. If you are very stressed about this or worry about Ectopic pregnancy, it is recommended that you see the gynaecologist immediately. They will perform blood test, urine test and ultrasound to confirm whether you are pregnant or not. Even you are not pregnant, you may still need doctor to give you medicine to regulate your period.

2. If you are also experiencing spotting, but you do not think it is period, you are also advised to see doctor immediately. Spotting can be a sign of pregnancy and it also indicates a possible miscarriage. Hence, if this happens to you, you should seek doctor's help immediately.

3. If you do not experienced any sleep problem or increased stress and you did not take any trip in the past month or exercises too much, but your period has been delayed for a week or more, it is also recommended that you seek doctor's help.

Late period with negative test: Causes of this conflicting result

1: Late Period with Negative Test: Test method

  • Pregnancy Test is carried out too early

    You may be pregnant, but you took the test too early. Your egg may have been fertilized, but your body have not produced enough Human Chorionic Gonadotropin(HCG) for the test strip to measure. Lower HCG in your body means the test kit will show negative result. It is recommended that you carry out the test at least two days again.

  • Pregnancy Test Method

    You may be pregnant, the method used by you is wrong and cause it to show negative result. You may not dip the test strip into the urine well or did not hold the test strip well in the urine. You may have waited too long or too short to see the result.

    To avoid this, you should follow the instruction come with the test kit strictly and like to confirm again on the next day using your first urine after wake up in the morning

  • Urine sample

    You may be pregnant, but the urine sample is not perfect for the test. If you have drunk a lot of water of other fluid before carrying the test, the HCG level in your urine may have been diluted, this causes the result to show negative. To avoid this, you should consider carrying the test using the first urine sample after you wake up.

2: Late Period with Negative Test: Irregular period

  • Stress

    You may not be pregnant and it is the stress or sleep problem causes your period to be delayed. Traveling and exercising can also contribute to this. You may like to visit the gynaecologist who may give a complete diagnosis and give you pill to regulate your hormone.

  • Birth Control Pill Delays Period

    if you are on birth control pills, the pill itself can cause the period to disappear. If you have any concern, you should call your doctor.

  • Sudden weight gain or loss

    Sudden weight gain or loss can also cause period to be missed.

  • Other Medicine Delays Period

    Some of the medicine you take to cure or prevent some sickness, can also delay your period.

  • Travel

    When you visit other countries, because of the change in environment such as water and air condition, your period may not come as scheduled.

This article should be treated as information, not medical advice.

You may refer to period or pregnancy if you are confusing about signs of pregnancy and period.

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