Statistics: How long it takes to conceive?

 average time taken to conceive a dbaby

Pregnancy is easily achieved for some, especially for those at a younger age. It is much harder for some, especially when you are older.

Below shows the average number of months of unprotected sex before successful conception:

1. 25% succeeds in the first month

2. 60% succeeds in half an year

3. 75% succeeds in nine months

4. 80% to 90% succeeds in one year

A lot of factors could affect couple's chance in successful conception. One such factor is couple's age, the younger the couple, the easier for the wife to get pregnant.

Some of lifestyle habits will affect couple's chance in having babies, drinking alcohol, coffee or tea and smoking will all lower down couple's chance.Learn more about how lifestyle can affect fertility here.

Taking vitamins supplements may help a couple to conceive. Many of the vitamins will help husband to boost sperm counts, sperm quality or help wife to regulate period or improve egg quality. All these are beneficial to the fertility. Learn more about the vitamin supplement and fertility here.

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