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  1. Marketing Channels
  2. Promote Event/Seminar/Talks/Activities
  3. Open House of Preschool
  4. Freebie/Contest/Giveaway
  5. Shop/Confinement Nanny Agency/Food/Enrichment Classes
  6. Mummy Blog

Marketing Channels

Babyment has many marketing channels available to promote your events/business.

  • (i)Main website monthly unique users 95,000.
  • Facebook Group members:
    1. Childcare in Singapore: 12,980
    2. 2018 SG Mummies: 3,150
    3. 2018 SG Mummies and Daddies: 815
    4. 2017 SG Mummies: 3,843
    5. 2017 SG Mummies and Daddies: 915
    6. Best Food For Baby: 1878
    7. Hire Maid in Singapore: 521 will continue to spend time and money to promote and manage the groups. The membership will grow steadily.

  • Notification/Newsletter Subscribers: 20,100.

Promote Event/Seminar/Talks/Activities

1. You can promote your event/seminar on our Facebook groups with the condition that your promotional material must include logo of Babyment.

2. Event/Seminar/Talks must be related to pregnancy and parenting.

3. Please contact to get a logo of Babyment and other details of posting on our Facebook groups.

Open House of Preschool

1.$300 For a Post on all our Facebook Groups.

2.Please contact for further details.


1.The freebie/contest/giveaway must give special privilege to our members.

2.Promote Babyment (E.g., Recommend Babyment on your website, share our content)

3.Please contact for further details

Shop/Confinement Nanny Agency/Food/Enrichment Classes

1.With an annual fee, you can post on our Facebook groups twice a week.

2.Please contact for further details.

Mummy Blog

1.You can post two articles on our groups for each week.

2.You are also welcomed to write for us.

3.Please contact for further details.

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