Enlarged Breast in infant and Milky substance from nipple

 enlarged breast in newborn

Almost all new born, boy or girl will see enlarged breast. This will be more noticeable for the baby boy. In some cases, you will see some milky substance from the infants' nipple. All these are common and normal, it usually occurs one week after birth, parents do not need to worry.

Its occurrence is due to baby's exposure to maternal hormones in womb. In the womb, baby receives maternal hormones estrogen, progesterone and lactogen, the same hormones that cause the mother's breasts to swell and milk glands to be stimulated can do the same to the baby's breasts.

Usually 3 weeks after birth, for some, it may takes months for the breast tissue to shrink and eventually become flat. Hence, it does not require any special medical treatment. Parents are strongly advised not to squeeze out the milky substance from the infants' nipple, doing so is very dangerous, the worst case may lead to mastitis or even sepsis.

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