How to give baby first haircut

 Haircut for baby in Singapore

In Singapore, there are some salons which do offer haircut for infants. You may want to check with the barber or stylist near your place. These salons may have lovely seats shaped like airplanes or throne and can help your child feel comfortable.

If you decide to do it on your own, you should get yourself prepared first.


1. Get the scissors (scissors that are designed for infants) and comb disinfect

2. Remove all dangerous objects from baby's reach

3. Prepare some toys.

4. Ask your family members or friends to standby in case you need help.

If possible, try to wait until your baby fall asleep before carrying haircut.

You should sit on a chair and hold your baby in your lap to give him or her a sense of security. To make your baby feel comfortable, you may cut your own hair and show it to your baby to tell him or her that everyone is getting a haircut and there is nothing to panic. While you hold your baby, your friends or relatives should then proceed to cut baby's hair if the baby now feels secure.

Do not ever spray water on your baby's head as they will get frightened by this sudden cold shower.

Always be gentle as your baby's head skin is still very weak.

If your baby panics or cries during haircut, you should stop and try to calm him down first with his favorite toy before continuing haircut.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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