Nutritious Food for New Moms to Have After Delivery

 Nutritious Food for New Moms to Have After Delivery!

What happens after birth? Well, the presence of your sweet little bundle of joy in the house is one thing, but it is also the moment your childbirth recovery journey flags off. You may not feel your best yet, and with every passing moment, you wonder how much longer it will take until you can get fit and feel like yourself again. However, know that you are not alone, and more importantly, you ARE yourself. The first few weeks after birth can be a dreadful period, but it will not last forever!

To have a smooth recovery and sufficient rest during your confinement period, one crucial aspect that you can modify is your diet. No, not the diet where you can lose the weight you gain - not yet. This is the diet where you increase the intake of sources of certain nutrients (and lessen foods that can be risky) so you could heal better.

From baby blues to irregular vaginal discharge, there are ways you can improve your postpartum physical and mental conditions through the modification of your diet. And no, you do not have to only make traditional dishes with flavours that are either too strong or too bland.


Compared to red meat, poultry like chicken is more recommended for new mothers. It remains one of the greatest sources of protein. You need a sufficient amount of protein to assist in building, repairing, and maintaining your muscles and tissues. Of course, you are not the only one in need of this nutrient. By ensuring that your milk supply is rich with protein, you are also enhancing your baby's tissue growth!

One of the unknown benefits of chicken that new moms are usually unaware of is the fact that it is a generally common food. You might be thinking, 'And why exactly is this a benefit?'. Well, the fact that it would not be a new food added to your daily meals is a good thing in itself. There might be certain new foods or ingredients that you plan to start incorporating into your breastfeeding diet which otherwise would not be in your meals. Drastically changing your diet, however, can have possible side effects on either yourself or your newborn. You might find that the food is not suited for you or worse, it can cause your newborn to develop allergies. So stick with what you are familiar with - like chicken!


At this point, are we even surprised that salmon is on this list? But don't scroll down just yet! There is a pretty solid reason for why it makes one of, if not the best food for new mothers and you would want to know it. The fatty acids of omega-3 (the good type of fats) will benefit you and your little bundle of joy to the point of aiding in their brain development!

Salmon improves cardiovascular health, reducing the risks of heart attack and stroke. If you experience joint swellings and body pains, lo and behold, this powerful fish can take care of it. The DHA will not only be beneficial for your newborn's cognitive development, but it is also an excellent mood-booster. Need a bit of cheering up? What better ways than to fill your stomach with food that (literally) lifts your spirit?!

Red dates (jujube) tea

Rich in vitamins and minerals, red dates tea has been consumed by new moms of multiple generations to help improve blood circulation, thus replenishing and nourishing the blood. For a new mom, this is an especially big deal as you have not only lost a huge amount of blood, but you will also discharge more after your delivery.

This nutritional tea is also believed to have the ability to combat insomnia and anxiety which are what many new moms face. Due to its sweet taste, this makes a great dessert to satisfy the cravings of moms with a sweet tooth as it contains less calories than a normal date. This is particularly crucial as you need to reduce sugar in both your food and drinks. Guess what, your stubborn water weight? It is not caused by water per se. To summarize what happens, sugar intake can increase your insulin level. High insulin level will encourage salt retention, and salt is what retains fluid. As you can probably guess, that is what is causing water retention. But fret not, now you know how to handle it!

Green papaya soup

This refreshing soup with a calming sensation has a pretty subtle taste to it that will not make you feel overwhelmed. The plus point? It can stimulate milk production! No more low milk supply. This can help improve lactation. With the essential vitamins and minerals, it can greatly boost both you and your baby's immunities. If you have breast engorgement, you might be facing the problem of low milk supply. Hence, taking food that can stimulate its production is the best way to overcome that issue.

It also comes with essential nutrients that promote digestive health. After birth, new mothers are at risk of experiencing falling womb. Overexerting your body or putting a huge strain on it will worsen this condition. That is the main reason why you are always advised to stay away from oily and spicy foods as they may cause constipation. Green papaya contains an enzyme that will aid your digestive system. It cures diseases like indigestion, constipation, and irritable bowel syndrome, all of which will ease your womb recovery.


Aren't you glad to find this new mamas' highly-favored comfort snack on this list? As a whole-grain food, oats give your body an energy boost it desperately needs after all those sleepless nights. You would be delighted to know that oats are also rich in antioxidants that help alleviate itching, inflammation, and high blood pressure. Your stretched skin would itch most of the time and as a new mom, you are more likely to have high blood pressure.

Oats have also been linked to increased levels of serotonin, a natural mood stabilizer that's also known as "the happy chemical." They also are chock-full of fibre iron and other key nutrients that will help keep your blood sugar, energy, and mood stable. A lot of moms face extreme exhaustion and baby blues, but luckily now you know that altering your diet can help keep postpartum depression at bay!

Caring for your recovery during confinement is equally important as caring for your newborn's growth. By knowing what food to eat during confinement, you can heal better, meaning you will be able to provide better for your baby. After all, the key to a successful confinement recovery is mainly to practice the right diet. Want to leave it to the hands of those who know better? Go for confinement food delivery like Tian Wei Signature that serves daily meals right to your doorstep!

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