Yellow Urine, Excessive Eye Discharge and Inner Fire Symptom

 inner fire in baby

Sometimes, you may see that the your baby's urineis yellow in color and sometimes he or she may have excessive eye discharge or constipation. In traditional Chinese medicine, all these are the symptoms of inner heat and are caused by malfunctioning of excretion of the body. When your baby shows these symptoms, you may take the following actions to help him or her to feel better:


1. Make sure your child has sufficient consumption of water. Water is tasteless and most babies dislike it. However, parents are still advised to give their children enough water every day. Baby has very thin skin, this makes it easy for the water to evaporate from skin. Water loss from the baby's skin will be more serious when your air-conditioner is turn on. Therefore, your babt must drink sufficient water to make up the water loss. It is recommended that parents should feed their children water in between two sections of milk feeding or breastfeeding.

2. Let your baby have more fruit and vegetable. Vegetable and fruit is rich in fibre and fibre can help to prevent constipation in baby and prevent accumulation of heat within body.

3. Train your baby to develop a regular habit of pooping. This can help baby to release harmful substance within the body.

4. Ensure your baby has sufficient sleep every day.

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