Myths of confinement and truth

Myths of confinement and truth: myths that new mothers are not allowed to bath, drink water during confinement has not scientific support. For some myths such as avoid direct contact with wind may have some scientific support and new mothers may want to follow during confinement.

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Symptoms and Causes of Depression After Pregnancy

Symptoms and Causes of Depression After Pregnancy: Detailed symptoms of postnatal depression or postpartum depression. Situations where the affected mother need to seek doctor help for depression as well as causes of depression after pregnancy

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Prevent Postnatal Depression

Prevent Postnatal Depression: Detailed explanation on group of people who are likely to be affected by the postnatal depression, measures that can be taken to prevent postnatal depression as well as treatment of postnatal depression

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Watch out for lochia

Lochia usually lasts for about 6 weeks. After delivering, all mums must watch out for the amount, color and smell of lochia.

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General confinement care guidelines

The purpose of the confinement care is to nurture the mother's body back to original health condition before pregnancy. The article explains to the readers the general guidelines that can be followed during confinement care

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When to Resume Sex after delivery?

In general, couple should wait for 6 to 8 weeks after delivery before resuming sex life.

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