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Hydrocele:Cause and Treatment

Hydrocele-Cause of hydrocele in baby, children, precaution to take when hydrocele occurs, what treatment is available for hydrocele in baby and cost of hydrocele is treatment as well what to look out after treatment.

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Some frequently asked questions about umbilical cord

Frequently asked questions about umbilical cord

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Care for umbilical cord

Generally speaking, if nothing above occurs to your baby, what you need to do is to keep the cord as clean and dry as possible. You should wash your hand before you touch baby's cord as your hand may carry gem which can enter the cord.

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Yellow Urine, Excessive Eye Discharge and Inner Fire Symptom

all these are the symptom of inner heat and are caused by malfunctioning of excretion of the body. When your baby shows these symptoms, you may take the following actions to help him or her to feel better

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Umbilical hernia

Babies affected with umbilical hernia will have a hernia present at the site of belly button. In most cases, these hernias will disappear without any treatment by around the age of 2

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Impetigo and Treatment at home

The article explain to the readers one of unusual appearance in the new-born. Impetigo is one of them. The article explain why new born demonstrate impetigo

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