Confinement nanny interview questions

 Confinement nanny interview questions sample in Singapore

It is important to ask confinement nanny a few questions before you engage her service even she is recommended to you by your friends or relateives. 

This can help to make sure she is able to communicate with you in a language you can understand and she is experienced enough to meet all your requirements. 


1. Job scope - Confinement nanny interview questions

(a) Will you be able to cook for other family members like my husband and parents-in-law?

Some confinement nannies may charge you differently if you need her to cook for other family members.


(b) Will you take care of my baby at night?

Some confinement nannies may not be able to handle the baby at night.

If you breastfeed, it is also important to for you discuss the arrangement at night.


(c) Will you do the shopping for herbs and other groceries for us?

Because confinement nanny will prepare the food for new mothers, it may be important for the confinement nanny to select the ingredients herself.


(d) Will you help to clean up the house every day, including toilet?

Some confinement nannies simply will not clean the toilet for you.


(e) Do you offer massage?

It will be a bonus if the confinement nanny can massage the baby or you.



2. Knowledge and experience – Confinement nanny interview questions

(a) How to prevent colic, spit up or burping in baby?

This is one of the basic skills in taking good care of newborn.


(b) How many years of experience do you have?

Of course, the more experienced the confinement nanny, the better she should be. However, you should also take note you may need to pay more for a more experienced confinement nanny.


(c) How many children do you have?
If she has children, probably you do not need to worry about her experience.


(d) What food you will prepare during confinement?

Find out how many dishes she will prepare usually in a day. You should also find out the variety of food she will prepare.


(e) Are you able to advise me on breastfeeding?

Experienced confinement nanny will help you to make breastfeeding a success.


(f) Will you be able to help baby to latch?


(g) How to handle umbilical cord?

Umbilical cord is an area which needs to be taken good care. Make sure the confinement nanny knows how to handle it to avoid infection. 


3. Money related – Confinement nanny interview questions

(a) How much do you charge for entire confinement period?

For your referenece, if you hire from confinement nanny agency, this will cost you between $2300 to $3000. 


(b) Will you require deposit?

If the confinement nanny requires deposit, you need to know the refund policy to avoid any dispute later on.


(c) Do I need to pay you extra fee for public holiday?

For some festivals like Chinese New Year, many confinement nannies do not want to work. Many will charge much higher fee during this period. It is important for you to have an agreement with the confinement nanny on this.


(d) How to calculate the salary if you fall sick during my confinement and need to leave early?

If the confinement nanny falls sick or you think she is not good for the job and want to terminate her service early.


4. Daily habit – Confinement nanny interview question

(a) Do you need to take nap in the afternoon?

This allows you to set appropriate expectation.


(b) What do you eat daily?

This allows you to set appropriate expectation.


5. Others – Confinement nanny interview question

(a) When will be the last day of your current commitment?

If you deliver early, you need to make sure she can make it to help you.


(b) What will be the arrangement like if I deliver later?


(c) Do you go for medical checkup regularly?

Confinement nanny will be in close contact with new mother and newborn 24 hours a day. It is important for the confinement nanny to be healthy and fit.


Hope this can help you to select a good confinement nanny. 

Check confinement service out if you are looking for a confinement nanny.

It takes a village to raise a child !

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