Dizziness or faint during pregnancy

 Reasons why pregnant women will experience dizziness faint during pregnancy and how to prevent dizziness, faint during pregnancy for expecting mother

Causes of Dizziness or Faint During Pregnancy

During pregnancy, more blood will flow towards the uterus, but the return of blood to the upper part of your body is slowed down, this reduces the blood flow to the brain and therefore may cause dizziness or faint. Another cause of dizziness during the second trimester is that your growing uterus put pressure the on the blood vessel which then slows down the flow of blood to the brain.

Other possible causes of dizziness during pregnancy include the followings:

  • Low level of iron in the blood may also contribute to dizziness in pregnancy.
  • If the pregnant woman lies down for too long, she may also get dizziness due to low blood pressure.
  • If you do not eat for too long or have poor appetite due to morning sickness, you may also get dizziness or faint during pregnancy due to low blood sugar.
  • Wearing tight clothes may also contribute to dizziness as tight clothes restrict the flow of the blood in the pregnant women.

Prevent Dizziness During Pregnancy

  1. To prevent dizziness, the expectant mother should take sufficient nutrient; and avoid heavy-duty exercises.
  2. An expectant mother should have sufficient rest and do not overwork.
  3. To prevent dizziness, the expectant mother should avoid standing for too long and is recommended to move legs gently while standing to improve circulation of blood.
  4. When getting up from sitting position or lying down, the expectant mother should do it slowly.
  5. To prevent dizziness, the expectant mother should wear comfortable clothes. Clothes that are too tight will affect the blood circulation and should be avoided.
  6. Do not go hungry. Do not ever starve yourself just because you have low appetite.

What to do when dizziness occurs during pregnancy?

  • Sit down or lie down and lower the head.
  • Take a deep breath.
  • Loosen any tight clothing.
  • Take food that is rich in iron.

You should call your doctor if you experience dizziness often.

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